Samsung TV keeps loading and nothing happens (cannot play My Music)

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Dear Rudi/Team,

please provide current status of the issue? I think we can know it for 4 months already on the issue? What have been done? What resolve planned time? Did you contact Samsung, or issue on your side? Please provide updates on the status, solution plan, current status nest steps & prognoses …


For me the app loads, but when I start to play music there is no sound and the seeker just stays at 00:00. Been like this since I bought my TV. Other apps on the iPhone and Xbox work fine. :(

For me the app loads, but when I start to play music there is no sound and the seeker just stays at 00:00. Been like this since I bought my TV. Other apps on the iPhone and Xbox work fine. :(

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Hi @edgars.sults 

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the Samsung TV app doesn't work as we expected :disappointed_relieved:  we've had some challenges on this and other TV apps during the course of last year, so we're focusing on getting it sorted this year. It'll take a bit of time, but we'll keep our community updated. Thank you for your support and for your patience :pray_tone2:

My music is not loading on samsung tv app

If I go to My music while playing music in the Samsung TV Deezer app an hour glass is presented rotating but it does nothing for around 1 to 2 mins. I can then not escape or select any other option, the app becomes stuck/frozen. The same problem is happening if I go to the Popular menu. Another freeze of the app without any functionality. It seems to be trying to pull data and finding none. Again this bug is specific to a Samsung Smart Tv app. Thank you.

Even the home button causes an hour glass to spin and it’s taking forever to do anything. I thought this worked yesterday. Frustrating. I have read threads regarding other problems that suggest updating/reinstalling the app. I have only recently installed this app as a new user but I will try this and report back.

No ability to reinstall the app as far as I can tell. Only move it from home screen then add back. Back to square one :/

Thanks for the video 🙂 And did you also go through all the steps I mentioned before?

1) Access your TV Smart Hub by clicking the « Smart Hub » button on your TV remote.
2) Access the Samsung « Apps » section
3) Find the Deezer app
4) Select the Deezer app
Click on your TV remote for 2 seconds the button « Ok » / « Select », while focusing the Deezer app icon.

The Deezer app options will open.

5) Access to the Deezer app options
You will see a new Deezer app version « 3.008 ».

To update your app, follow these steps :
• First, « un-install » the Deezer app.
• Once un-installed, install it again.
• Restart your TV and start your freshly updated app

I just need to ask you all these question so that our devs have more details :)

i did that but still dont work

A couple of months ago, I had almost the same problem (when clicking on “my music” the app enters into a never ending black screen with white circle in the middle). But after a lot of mail exchanges with the deezer help, the were not able to solve it, dispite the app was working perfectly for months before …. So I stayed with no answers and with the idea that the help from deezer technical help is very poor

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Hi @Fabrizio.Lenzi 


I believe that an update for the app is being worked on however I don't think it’s anywhere close to being finished (a long way off) unfortunately.

I have exactly the same in my ue557002t. Everything updated, despite this app forever loads when  clicking on menu elements. Few months ago everything worked fine.

Identyfying issue shouldn’t be so diffuclt right?

Take released dezeer version for samsung tizen tv, check api calls and compare with server logs :/ possible error codes or response duration tracking user agents are quite easy. Having those data goes to blame app changes and plans to bring some fixes. 8 months for such critical bug shows how tv distributions are important. Maybe it’s time to stop payinh and find other app.

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Hi there @MarekZzz and all,

Sorry that's happening. We're waiting for updates from our developers at the moment. Once we've got more info, we'll be happy to share with the rest of our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray_tone2:

I can not access my music on my Samsung UE55MU7040 television. It keeps on going with this loading screen. I can only acces the home page; only showing music I do not want to listen… ever.

Still works great in my iPhone. Although slightly slower loading these Days.

I might consider making a switch to spotify.

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Hello @Maantje247, thank you for the honest feedback and sorry that you are experiencing those issues with your Samsung TV :slight_frown: I understand that you are not satisfied. We are aware of the issues with Samsung TV and forwarding all your feedback to our teams at Deezer so that it can be hopefully fixed.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: