Samsung TV keeps loading and nothing happens (cannot play My Music)

I've been a subscriber for around 12 months without any problems. Then from yesterday I've been unable to access the Deezer app on my Samsung 6 tv. I've deleted and re-installed it without any result apart from a message advising me to try again later. I can still access it on my desk top and iPad. Can anyone help.

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Why Deezer app doesn't work at Samsung Smart TV? I have all actualizacion - system and app.
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Hey @OliviaM ! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Can you give me further info about the bug please? What is not working properly?
I have UE22F5400 an d from few days ago I can't enter the app. Why?
For at least two days DeezerApp on Samsung Smart shows me forever loading and doesn't working. Reinstalling Application or reseting SmartHub doesn't help at all. It seems that it's already latest version of application. How can it be fixed?
Recently Deezer App has stopped working on samsung tv model ks8000 that has tizen os firmware version 1240.

The app hangs on start screen with deezer logo and loading progress circle.

The tv is correctly connected to network. Also after resetting the smart hub and reinstalling the Deezer app the issue is still there. Tried to set different dns IP addresses it did not help.

Other devices laptops and android phones are working well on the same network with Deezer app.

Is there temporary issue with Deezer services on Samsung TVs or some other known software problem currently?

Is Samsung tv platform from 2017 still supported by Deezer app?
Thanks for the video 🙂 And did you also go through all the steps I mentioned before?

1) Access your TV Smart Hub by clicking the « Smart Hub » button on your TV remote.
2) Access the Samsung « Apps » section
3) Find the Deezer app
4) Select the Deezer app
Click on your TV remote for 2 seconds the button « Ok » / « Select », while focusing the Deezer app icon.

The Deezer app options will open.

5) Access to the Deezer app options
You will see a new Deezer app version « 3.008 ».

To update your app, follow these steps :
• First, « un-install » the Deezer app.
• Once un-installed, install it again.
• Restart your TV and start your freshly updated app

I just need to ask you all these question so that our devs have more details :)

i did that but still dont work
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Hi there, I merged your comment in this topic as it seems to be the same issue. The app is developed by Samsung and we'll keeping passing this feedback to them.
If it gets back to normal, please, share it with us! We'll keep you updated too!
I have exactly the same problem. It's a recent issue.
Also here. Same firmware version and same problem.
Deezer is no longer opening up on my Samsung smart tv. The circle underneath the Deezer logo just keeps spinning around?
I have no problems using YouTube or Netflix.
Tried to chat to Deezer direct but each day this week they say they are closed?
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Hi @Ian13

you can contact support here

FYI I believe all TV app are currently being updated by Deezer so hopefully they'll be an update soon 🙂
My Deezer app has stopped working on my Samsung TV. I've tried everything
tengo el mismo problema y he probado todo lo que se dice por aquí y nada, hay soluciones?
Same here. I was just on the phone with Samsung for an hour and doesn't seem like its on there end. Did every trick and even reset TV. Nothing is working. Have no music on my B&O sound system!! How much longer?? Should I go back to apple or Tidal
Здравствуйте. На моем тв Samsung 1 неделю назад перестало запускаться приложение Deezer. Переустановка приложения не помогла. На фото экран на котором зависает приложение. Тв Samsung UE32F4510. Версия Deezer 3.008. На тв устанвлена посоедняя доступная версия ПО.

Same problem here. TV is H6400 and it worked until around 14 days ago (first half of July).
I reported the same issue in another topic: Link
I have the same problem, since 2 weeks the app wont fully connect with the app.
The tv screen keeps on showing: welcome to deezer en is loading. I already reset the tv, but that wont fix the problem. I also dont get an error message.

Could you please help me?
Its a UE40H6200 model samsung smart tv
Hello There,
Same problem for me, also for about 2 weeks, so this has to be a real widespread problem.

My TV is SAMSUNG UE49KS7090U, bought in Germany.

TV Firmware is up to date,
I tried unplugging the TV (usually gets the job done),
I tried uninstalling Deezeer and reinstalling.

What happens is either I get "Deezer loading" message and after a few seconds I am sent back to previous HDMI input, or I then go to the DEEZER title screen when the process indicator circle spins forever

I hope you can get it fixed, because it is a real nuisance, we use Deezer on TV so much.
Same same.....noticed the problem about 2 weeks ago and tried everything. I guess we'll just have to be patient. I hope people at Deezer realize that for many people, this is a major deal-breaker. And Samsung sells an awful lot of TVs...
Same here, app stuck at loading screen.
I had Same problem too... I call nett server, boiting device, try to change dns.... Etc. Fuck the app and Samsung. Last update to my tv 2017 when i byet
I haven't been able to access my deezer account for a few days now. When I try to open the app, it just keeps loading for an eternity. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but it keeps doing the same thing. It will only show me the 1.25 version, and won't install it and/or open it. I also tried to access smarthub on TV, then reset, and then reinstall, but still no other response but fail.
I have used my deezer account/app on my Samsung TV almost daily until it crashed a few days ago.

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Hi there everyone,

We're currently looking into this issue so thank you all for reporting it and sharing your feedback. I've gathered data from your comments and passed it on to our devs to help with investigating the issue. Once I get more details, I'll let you know 👍🏼

PS.: this reply is marked as 'best answer' so that you all get an update - the issue isn't resolved.
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For about 2 months now, deezer will never start on my Samsung TV. It first displays "Loading deezer ..." then I have the logo with the spinning drawing and it stays there forever (at least several hours). I see the LED's flickering on the Internet gateway, but nothing happens.

I tried to connect via cable, via 2.4GHz and via 5GHz, but to no avail. I have deezer on my iPhone, and using the same wireless network, the app starts and works.
I tried to reset the router to factory default, even replaced it, I also performed a RTFD of the TV, de-installed, re-installed... Even unplug it for long periods to be sure all clears... I really have no idea what may be wrong.
I noticed that even opening the deezer website from the smart TV is not possible. The page is blank (different than reporting an error). I thought it might be malware, so I removed all I could.

I am completely clueless. I have very little experience on debugging the smart TV, so, I can't see where the issue is. I removed all I could from the smart TV, it has no support for live updates, so I can't try this. I de-installed all I could but that doesn't solve the issue either.

Do you have any idea how I can debug this?

I see that the app is already quite old (2018), maybe it is no longer supported by your servers...