Windows/Mac Deezer Desktop/Web App - Feedback for improvements

Windows/Mac Deezer Desktop/Web App - Feedback for improvements
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Our Desktop/Web app can improve, and we need your help :desktop:

This is the space for all those improvement calls you kindly make to us when looking at how to make our desktop and web apps better platforms.

What should I post here? :thinking:

  • if the app needs User Interface or User Experience (UI/UX) enhancements, let us know
  • if the app should be compatible with certain devices or audio outputs, we're with you
  • if there's a cool integration we should consider, shout out
  • and if any feature is missing, don't forget to mention

This topic is intended for version 4.20.0 and above, and for our browser version :floppy_disk:

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Omg … our poor Deezer Community and Feed Back Managers need a medal. Or better still a raise!  It is only Jesus who could walk on water. Everyone … count your blessings, never take them for granted. Cheers. :slight_smile::musical_note::warning:

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I would like to have automatic playlists. 

Little bit like itunes. There is a future to make automatic playlists. Depends on different rules.

For example:


Liked or disliked songs.

Length from song.


Etc etc.


When I like a song or add to my library it moves automatically to the playlist where he matching the rules..




This is a feature I miss most, having used it in itunes in a distant past.

adding to the list of parameters: combining multiple playlists.
Also having a bit more control by using ‘or’, ‘and’, ‘not’ logical gates.

In general I’d like a lot more customizability in the app, for example discarding tiles in the main page that are of no interest to the user.

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I noticed that one of my request from this thread has been implemented (version 5.30.250):

When you click on Queue button in Windows app it sets position to currently played track even in long queues (currently my queue contains 2060 tracks).


Thank you Deezer!


My original request:

Scroll playlist/queue to the position of currently playing track (automatically). I often listen to long playlists (whole discographies - several hours long) and sometimes I have to scroll manually.


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It would be great if the arrow (back and forth) remembered the position of the view… Currently it always goes back to the top of the view, instead to where we left the view.


Just a simple idea, because, at least for me, having the playback controls on the left in Windows app is absolute pain. I’d like it to be centered so I don’t have to move around a huge screen to pause, skip, find in track etc. If you’re worried about the negative space on the left, we could always do with album artwork for example :D



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Just a few things for me to make the desktop a very good UI

  • equaliser added to the desktop app on both Windows and Mac
  • when it goes to lyric mode just have the background the same colour as your light / dark theme instead of random colours. If a white background lyrics could be a light grey. 
  • as well as full screen lyric mode it would be good to click the album cover and just have the album art enlarged in the centre of the screen with a white / dark background (as per theme) 
  • On Windows at the top of the screen no matter the theme colour there is a black windows bar which is ok on dark theme but looks terrible with the light theme. Don’t have this issue on Mac. 

Give more contrast to the progress bar colors. Sometimes it’s okay, yellow or red on dark gray. But sometimes it’s just dark green or dark blue on dark gray and eyes must really strain to see the position.



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Thanks @AmStr I’ve passed the feedback to the corresponding team :)

Beam to Sonos is all I want 😁

Why Mac OS app is constantly requesting to be restarted ? 

User defined Tags would really help search on own favorites/playlists, without needing to search individually on each playlist. 

I’d like a button in the desktop app to manually check for updates. Am on Mac OS Intel (Mojave).

Please add a way to see you’re recently played tracks (on the web version). It’d be nice to be able to find all the tracks you listened to in the past days in between browser sessions (I would store it in the account) so that if I’m looking for a song that I’d like to listen to again I can find it.




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Hello @L4ZZA, it is possible to see your listening history from the webplayer 

Just click on the little circle on the top right of your profile and then select “Listening History” 



Hello @L4ZZA, it is possible to see your listening history from the webplayer 

Just click on the little circle on the top right of your profile and then select “Listening History” 



Sorry but I don’t see it.. 


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Click on the first icon, the one with your username and your pic. 

This page will open and between “Artists” and “podcasts” you can see “Listening History” 😉

Hmm fair enough, I don’t get all the last tracks I’ve listened to.. 

The desktop app should be made touch friendly for Windows 11.

Please add a feature to prevent the screen from going to sleep (Desktop app).

My speakers are embedded in the external screen, and I lose playback after a few minutes when the screen goes to sleep.

Three suggestions:


  1. The requirement to use checkboxes to select songs in a playlist is horrible. Other apps let you click and drag to select songs, but not Deezer. This desperately needs to change.
  2. Please stop using helper apps to update the desktop app on Mac. I don’t want to enter my password every single time Deezer has an update (which is often).
  3. You already have better cross-device awareness than Apple Music, which is completely dumb to playback on other devices, but the next level would be the ability to play and pause music from one source to another. So if I’m listening on my iPhone and press pause on my desktop, it should pause on my iPhone.

The artist’s main page is incredibly cluttered.

It’s very important that the discography page can be easily navigatable because it can hold a tremendous  amount of records. 

My suggestions:

  •  Seperate the discography page from the main page. The main page can have a small list of top and latest releases with a link to the full discography page.
  • The sections (Albums, Live, compilations..) should be collapsable.
    • The main album and EPs should be initially fully expanded.
    • The current dynamic expansion doesn’t work well, and you have to scroll up and down a few times for it to expand, and sometimes the other sections get expanded accidently and you get easily lost in the wrong section. Not very helpful when trying to find an old album for an artist with many many releases.
    • The other sections, like compilations, live etc.., can be very large for older artists, and should be initially partially collapsed, with  only a handful of top releases shown, and a manual expand button.
  • I’d move special edition releases (e.g. deluxe, collectors, aniversary, remastered, etc.. ) into their own section, outside of the Albums sections.  i.e. The Albums should only be all the official releases consisting of unique material. (And maybe on the Albums pages, there could be links to related releases.)
  • Need additional view modes (in addition to Grid, List):
    • Table View (Without tracks), a compact view that shows the artists, the album names, years and types in columns, and that allows sorting, and filtering.. maybe with checkboxes on the top to select which types (albums, live, EPs, compilations..) should be included in the same table.
    • Small Grid, like grid but with smaller artworks. 
  • I’d move the ‘Featured in’ to its own separate page outside of the discography page, because it can be in  the thousands, and isn’t really part of the artist’s “dicography”

If you made is this far, thanks for reading!

I’m a songwriter, and so I’m always interested to know the songwriters of a song.

Currently you have to click the dots then select Credits, to see the songwriters, one song and a time, not very helpful if you’re curious to know who wrote one on an album.. So it’s faster to just go to AllMusic or Wikipedia to see the credits. 

It’s be nice to see each song’s songwriters plainly on the album’s page. Or at least to have the option to list them.

If not, there’s plenty of empty space on the Queue page. on the left-side beneath the artwork, it would be nice to have the credits listed there. BTW, the album should be named there as well, in  case it’s a playlist of many artists/albums.

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Please allow disabling tray icon. My Mac top bar is already swamped and it’s redundant because the universal play control exists. 
Deezer 5.30.670


Hey guys, did you ever try to drag Deezer window to reposition it on the screen in your shiny new Mac version 6.0?

If the search field is not used, i.e., there is nothing entered in it, and you try to drag the window, it is not obvious where its boundaries are. And only after user enters anything to the search field and can see its boundaries including the clearing control on the right, it becomes clear that drag area is just around the search field.

Search fields should be clearly distinguished right away, otherwise user is confused and cannot drag the window as easily as in any other good Mac app.

Window titlebar


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Hi @Endorphinity, Thank you very much for your feedback.

I've already forwarded it to our technical team.

We genuinely appreciate your input.


Since the recent major UI change, the Hebrew font used for the web UI is so ugly, probably the default browser font(?), please fix it.
See example below: