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Deezer app not responding on Samsung TV

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Deezer app in constant loading (spinning wheel) on my Samsung UE49KUhttps://tel:+446500 TV for quite some weeks and longer. Still works on phone thankfully but my daughter is so frustrated at not being able to use the tv to dance and sing to :(

I've reinstalled a couple of times but cant get further than the spinning wheel of doom.

Please help.
I've been a subscriber for around 12 months without any problems. Then from yesterday I've been unable to access the Deezer app on my Samsung 6 tv. I've deleted and re-installed it without any result apart from a message advising me to try again later. I can still access it on my desk top and iPad. Can anyone help.

Same problem here.
Topic was create 30!!!! days ago! And its still doesnt work! What I`m paying for?
+1 same problem - only loading screen
Same problem on 3 different types of Samsung tv's. Seriously thinking of switching to spotify
Any movement on this? It's immensely frustrating paying for a service that can't be used in a that just stopped working.

What is the state of the solution? I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

...and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Will be continued??
I have had deezer for sometime both on mobile and app on tv. It’s now not uploading to tv. When will this be sorted given I am paying for a service. Thank you
Same here. :(

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Hi there @carole swan

We're looking into this issue, that's why I've moved your comment here. Thank you for your patience.
The app is working again for me.
This morning the app works again too. 👍
Works for me as well! took some time, but thumbs up anyway!!