Why can’t I listen to the track I select from my playlist?

  • 5 January 2019
  • 38 replies

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When i tap to a song it always plays another one than the one I choose. Anyone with the same problem? Got me crazy

38 replies


Deezer plays a different song when I select a song. This happens both on my playlist and when I search for a song. I have been using the app for years and this issue started a few hours ago.

I’m using the app on iPhone 6S
I'm having the same issue ! I have been using deezer for years, i've never felt so let down by the app : Is this a new upgrade or something that deezer changed this winter ? Because i'm not premium i can't look for and pick a specific song anymore ? This can't be real can it ? 😞
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yea, it is the exact situation that mine, can’t understand what happining
Yeah I Google this and found your thread!

It's obviously another way to IRRITATE us into going premium. Sorry but Deeper has always used this tactic with the ads, not even selling anything but just showing you that they'll interrupt until you go premium.

This is where I uninstall Deezer I think.
I have to believe this is going to be temporary ? Some one from the deezer staff can explain this to us ?

It's a streaming plateform : who is going to come and try/use/discover/like a plateform that doesn't let you listen to the track you are looking for initially ?

If i we want to listen to random music with advertising : we have the radio 😞

Is this temporary ? I've loved deezer for years, i can't imagine this is an "upgrade" that is going to stay ! Please tell me it's temporary !
Same for me, I'm using deezer for 10 years, and here is my reward...
Hi deezer,

When I click on a track it's another track that plays instead of. This only happens on the mobile app.
Could you help me to sort out this issue?

Thank you
Up to about 2 weeks, I was able to choose any track I wanted, click on it and play it. Now, when I select a track, it won't play anymore but some other related track instead. Why is that?? 😞
Hey guys, so I've been using Deezer for about two years, I love it, I recommend it to all my friends, but for a week now, every time I try to play a song it just plays a random one, it's getting really annoying. I do not have a premium account
I've got the same problem...
I cant choose what song i want to play it automatically change to different song ????
Any help deezer?
Exactly the same problem! Deezer any help??
Deezer staff any explanation? I've been having the same problem for more than a week!
I have the same problem. It's been 2 weeks already. Please help to solve. It's on mobile app only. I use Huawei p20 pro, Android 8.1.0.
When I click on the song I would like to play, another one from the playlist starts playing. This is the first time I'm having this problem, and I've been listening music on here for year and a half.
Having the same problem a response would be great
My music I have when I click on the song I want another song I have plays not the song I have picked how can I resolve this please
About two months ago, whenever I choose a track or album to play, deezer plays whatever music it wants. They’re not even on my favorites. What can I do to solve this problem?
I have the same problem. For a half year ago this had happend but then it was good. And now it's back. Any ideas? I use the app on iphone6
Free user here. For the last month, whenever I select a track, Deezer plays a different one instead. How to fix this problem? I basically can’t choose any songs I want...
I have the free version and I love deezer, instead other apps, mainly because in the free version I can search and play exactly the searched song.
In the last version I can't play a specified searched song, the app plays ALL THE others songs and I don't know why.
Can it be a bug or are you changed the logic behind the 'search and play' songs?

My device is an LG G6 with Android 8.0.0
Last week, I could choose the exact song that I wanted to play from a playlist, now all the tracks are greyed out and it will only let me play the whole playlist, not just one song. Why is that?
It seems a new 'feature' introduced by Deezer, you can't listen a specified songs if you've a free subscription plan...

Deezer is now similar to other platforms, it loose it's main important feature for the free version...the difference is that the other platforms offer a large amount of offers for the paid version.

Grudgingly I'm thinking to dismiss my account...