How do I cancel/unsubscribe from Deezer?

How do I cancel/unsubscribe from Deezer?
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I entered my payment details directly on Deezer :credit_card:

→ On :keyboard::computer::

  1. Log into your Deezer account
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. Click on Manage my subscription
  5. Click on Cancel my subscription
  6. Choose your reason for canceling and select Confirm

→ On the mobile app :iphone::

  1. Log into the Deezer app
  2. Open Favorites :heart:
  3. Go to Settings :gear:
  4. Go to Manage my account (My account for iOS users) :mens:
  5. Select Manage my subscription
  6. Select Cancel my subscription
  7. Choose your reason for canceling and select Confirm

:exclamation:If you can’t access your account, have a look at this article.


I’m paying my subscription via Paypal

You can follow the same process to cancel your subscription as described above :arrow_up: 

It’s also possible to unsubscribe directly on Paypal:

→ Log into your Paypal account:

  1. Click on :gear: at the top right corner of the page
  2. Select the Payments tab
  3. Click on Manage your Automatic Payments
  4. Select the payment corresponding to Deezer Deezer
  5. Click on Cancel and confirm


I’m paying Deezer through my mobile provider

If you're paying for Deezer as part of a mobile phone bundle, please contact your mobile provider to cancel your subscription.


I subscribed to Deezer through iTunes Store or the Apple Store

In that case, you need to unsubscribe as well through iTunes or the Apple Store. You’ll find more information about the management of subscriptions via Apple on this article. You can also contact their support team if needed.


Having troubles cancelling your subscription?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team, they are here to help :wink:


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I have tried to cancel my subcription, but I have already payed until november 2019. Now my subcription is cancelled at november 2019 but I want it cancelled now - not in a year. What to do? How can I get the money back?


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Hi @Laurasp

Please see here how to cancel ;)

In order to request a refund please contact our support here!
Trying to cancel subscription before trial period ends but I can't find a phone number nor customer service option on the website. I've never experienced such issues in contacting a provider!
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Hi @Noemi Rodriguez we do not offer service on the phone. Please see the link above how to cancel your subscription 😉
How I cancel my subscription?
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HI @Sflores0379 please see above!

Hello I want to cancel my deezer premium, I used paypal as method to pay for premium I already cancel next payment on my paypal but I want to make sure the deezer premium is gone, cause when I open my deezer app its still says I have premium even tho I cancalled next payment on paypal!

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Hi @marija.vukic.90 


even though you’ve cancelled you’ll still be showing / have use of premium for the period you paid for e.g. if you paid on 1st May for 1 month premium but cancelled yesterday, you’ll show Premium until the 1st June.

I hope that helps?  :) 

Oh thank you 😊

Hola quiero eliminar mi cuenta

No logro encontrar quiero eliminarla mande un email

No la puedo eliminar quiero eliminarla 

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Hello @Andra Raymundo, sorry for answering so late, please get in touch with our customer support team as mentioned above.

I started my subscription like a month ago in the offer said the month was free and it was, I want to cancel now but the application won't let me. and I guess the app is going to discount the $ 7

What can I do to avoid being discounted?


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Hello @mafer bamgar, follow the instructions mentioned in the article above. As specified at the end, if you’re having troubles, you can get in touch with the customer support team, you’ll find the link above as well.

How do you cancel your premium subscription and get back to free?

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Hello @Thijs Fleijsman, I’ve moved your message to this topic, you’ll find the answers you need above :wink:


I'm trying to cancle my subscribtion but I don't have the option to.

Any help please?

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Hey @Bubblesppg 

I've moved your comment here so that you can have updated info to help you out. Please see above for more guidance :v_tone2:

I had to apply for a free trial but accidentlt chose the family option. I just saw a message that i have been charged for a famuly subscribtion.


Please change or cancel

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Hey @Savit.Mehra 

Thanks for reaching out. Our support team can help you sort that out, please click here to log your concerns to them :thumbsup_tone2:

Hoe zeg ik mijn abonnement op 

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If you have any issues with Deezer, please ask here for help, perhaps no need to cancel once helped? If you have tight on money, perhaps going Deezer Premium Annual will help. Le me know.

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Hi there @Lander 

Apologies for my reply in English - Dutch isn't supported here yet.

Please find more info above :thumbsup_tone2:


My Deezer free trial ends on the 4/10/2020 I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription on the app & online and it won’t let me. 
What should I do?