Security certificate issue on a number of devices

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Hello Community,

Due to a global security certificate expiration, a number of devices (particularly older devices) have started experiencing connectivity issues between some of our partner’s servers and the Deezer platform.


We are contacting our partners to let them know that an update is necessary from their end in order to solve the issue.

We thank you for your understanding while we work with our partners to resolve these issues.

dee_dirk 1 year ago

Hello everyone. According to information from Bose, the technicians have been working on the problem for several days. On October 8th or 9th the error should be fixed and everything should run as usual again by the beginning of next week at the latest.

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My Phillips stopt working with Deezer, infinity loding screen 🤷🏼


Is this issue still unresolved. I'm getting an error for more than a week now, trying to log into my Onkyo TX-NR686. I get a message saying  “Your details are incorrect, please try again.” I'm able to login to the android app with the same credentials so it's not incorrect.


I am since recently unable to login my Elipson wifi receiver to Deezer. I have been using this device until recently for High Quality listening ( premium plan).
I removed/reinstall the Android  app, reset/reinstall the device, changed my password, it still keeps saying “Invalid signature”. I can listen to online radios so the wifi connection is ok.
I can successfully login using the Deezer Android app using my new credentials, so I guess only the device can’t connect, probabbly due to this certificate issue not solved with Elipson.

Can you please quickly reach Elipson to solve this problem ?