▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

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This album is the first EP of Daisy Music (, but it’s linked to an other artisrts who already exists.

May you create a new artist page with her music ?

Thank you


We are the band REPS ( Our distributor published a song “Bluff”.

Unfortunately, the song was erroneously attributed to another artist of the same name (

So we created an artist page to try to correctly associate our song with our band. But the artist page that was assigned to us is the one of the other group of the same name.

So Deezer would have to create a new artist page REPS and associate our title "bluff" and give us access to the artist page.

We have the EAN/UPC code of our song “Bluff” if necessary.


Thanks for your help,



My name is CLAWZ, and I have a few releases on Deezer on this page:

However, my name should be CLAWZ, fully uppercased.


In addition, there are only three releases that are actually mine on that page:
- Another Day (

- Remembering (

- All Over The World (


Would it be possible to either rename this page correctly and move the other releases to another one, or to create a brand new page with the three mentionned releases?


Let me know if you need more information,

Thank you in advance!



i’m releasing songs under my name, monashee (all lowercase on other platforms),

but my songs on deezer have been placed under the Monashee (different artist) profile for the band MONASHEE (all uppercase on other platforms) (

is it possible to create a profile with (all lowercase) name: ‘monashee‘ for me?

and if all lowercase is not possible, would it be possible to change the other artist Monashee to all uppercase MONASHEE to distinguish their profile from mine?

these are my songs that i need to be on a separate monashee (pref) or Monashee profile so i can request access, please:



























Hello Deezer,

M name is Swayzee, I just released my debut single titled DMS. and I also just claimed my artist profile and gained access to my backstage

But apparently, there is also another Swayzee on the platform and his discography keeps mixing up with mine, causing great confusion between my fans, please can you help split both profiles, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


Here is a link to my song on the platform


and here are links to his albums


Please I would love it could be separated as soon as possible

Thank you



The Artist of the song Crossroads by SilkandStones feat. Werdy is not the right Werdy. WERDYneeds a new artist profile.


What is the best way to fix this?


With kind regards,


This is attached to the wrong artist.


Same name, but different people.



Dear whoever can help me out here,

My single track called Folie a Deux (uploaded through LANDR) was added to the the profile of an artist with the same name: VØID.

This artist has nothing to do with me. You can find profiles for my project on the following websites:

I have no idea how LANDSR goes about making artist profiles for new tracks released through it but if you could please separate my track from those that are not mine, and hopefully my next release will upload to that separated profile, that would be ...essential. There is already another track being processed for release through that I uploaded today which will hopefully not also end up on the wrong profile. 

Thanks a bunch,

A Linder (aka VØID)


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Hey @SmileyD @Monodrive @João Bueno @GALAXDE @Sweetpeadnb @Yop @herve_deez @CLAWZ @monashee @Ayy Linder @Ell_ @werdymusic @swayzee 

We'll do our best to get these sorted during the course of this week - if we need more info, I'll come back here to let you know. Thank you for your patience!



Other artists are using my name to release music and their songs appear on my profile. 

Could you please remove from this account (ARAE) 

the following titles: 











Thank you for your time. 

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Recently, the artist GUM ( had all its content (albums like Delorean Highway, Glamorous Damage, and others, as well as some singles and remixes of other artists' songs) mistakenly moved to this (seemingly new, with only 25 fans) other artist page

also, its name is now wrongly capitalized as "Gum", as if the new artist had ~taken~ the name "GUM".



I’ve released my first ever song, but it has been added wrongly to an artist with a similar name.

Can you create a new artist profile for me, with artist name “QYO”, and associate my song “Waiting for a Change” to this new profile? Will appreciate as well if you can link my new artist profile to my username in order for me to edit the photo.

Here the link to my song:






This is the same artist - Thy Disease. Can you fix it?

And also, a screenshot in the app. The bottom panel overlaps the list.

Dear Deezer-Team,

My new Single "Meufs en bande" ( is published via Distrokid on your Portal. Unfortunately, it has been distributed under the wrong artist name “Ona”, which is the wrong one, my personal stage name being “Öna” (with the accent!)


Is there anything you guys could do to solve this ?

Thanks !

Hi, my name is Hendrik. I noticed my song is on the wrong artist profile. I think maybe because we have the same name, but is it possible to move my song to a new artist page. If it's possible, how do I do it. Thanks


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Thank you @QYO @tyllerj @ARAE @Önanana @Алексей Карев 

All forwarded on, hope it all gets sorted in the next couple of days :wink:

Hello, I just released an album on here and it was added to a profile that isnt mine (another artist named “Klein”). I do not have a Deezer artist profile yet… If you could make one as well as adding my album to it that would be amazing thank you so much in advance.


here is the link to the album 



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Artist: Lush (

Singles are all wrong for this artist:


Following should also be removed from Featured In

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Artist: Lush (

Singles that are catalogued as Albums.


These needs to be move from Albums to the Singles section:

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Artist: Manic Street Preachers (

Singles that are catalogued as Albums.


These needs to be move from Albums to the Singles section:

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Hi @Dkt thanks for reporting this.
We have created a new artist page for you with your music . You can fin it in the following link:
If you have any other questions or request please let me know :relaxed:

my music is mixed up with another artist profile. can you please help me?




i don't have an artist profile. 




Original artist name: Habibur Rahman








wrong artist profile:

Thank you so much team Deezer, I claim my artiste page already but plz am having some lil problem.

An artiste songs showing on my page, plz I need your assistance to remove that on my page
my artiste is Samiyo and one of my songs is titled #FURO
my email id is removed to protect personal details
Thank you
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All forwarded for repair @Cupart @anon.habib @Klein @Samiyo Tunde :wink:

Thank you for your contribution and have a good week!

Hi, my song Home, is attributed to the wrong Rob Murphy, can you help?