▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

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Hi Rudi - I just read your previous post so here are the links that should be on this profile


Anything else should be removed please, although we do have two releases that I can’t see the links for but could stay

  • Rock This Machine, The Zone, Album released on 2011-10-13
  • The Time We Have Ep, The Zone, Ep released on 2011-10-03


Here are links to be removed



    Dave (The Zone)

Olá @João Pedro Almeida 

We can certainly help you! We just need the exact Deezer links, please. Same from you @Ellias Appel, please.

Forwarded on @kryzmusic this time it'll work! Keep an eye on the next few days @Gabriel Manfrin @Shahar Garda :thumbsup_tone2:




Hi @Rudi - I just wanted to double check something.

I was reviewing my profile for the changes your team made and I think everything looks like its just about there.

There are 2 remaining issues I see:

  1. All the tracks listed on the “Top Tracks” page of my artist profile are not mine (
  2. I seem to be being associated with a Playlist due to the other kryz music (

Can I have these removed? Or let me know if I should expect this to update in a day or two based on the prior changes the Deezer Team made.

Thanks again for all your help.



I’m an artist called T.O.S (, and regularly, songs i didn’t upload end up on my profile. I’ve reached out for the support team once before, and now the new tracks that don’t belong on my profile are :


(As a proof, I don’t speak german, which seem to be the language of the song)

(again, i don’t speak german)

Both appear to be from the same artist so maybe you can create a profile dedicated to him. To help you out, i’ve noticed that he uploads with tunecore, while i upload with distrokid.

Thanks for the support, hope you can fix that quickly.



My name is Zokai and I just uploaded a cover with Soundrop to Deezer, but the song appear on another artist profile cause we have the same username :(


The cover is called “Lost in Paradise (From “Jujutsu Kaisen”).

This is my profile:

And this is were the song was uploaded:


I do not have an artist profile because the song is in another profile so I cannot claim my “Artist profile”. 

Thank you for your help!

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Deezer’s metadata team is a joke, seriously, they’re not even trying to do their job. mixes up two different groups, a french one and a japanese one.

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Hi there @Zokai @T.O.S @kryzmusic @João Pedro Almeida @Dave Browett @Ellias Appel 

All reported to our teams, we'll do what we can to improve what you need :relaxed:
Thank you for your support and for your patience!

That wasn't previously reported @SiiNu4 so our teams haven't had the chance to see it. But thank you for doing that now!

Kpop artist AleXa has her songs in TWO different accounts, one with her old songs ( and one with her new songs along with songs from different artists (

her albums are (Do Or Die) and (Decoherence)

she also have multiple other single songs so please check her information and update ger profile!!

Hi. My music is in the wrong “Fernando Duarte” page. There are two of us! 

My album for the soundtrack of “The Grotto”

My single “Elegia”

I don’t have an artist page yet, so please, could I get one?! Thanks so much! 

All the best


I'm releasing for the first time under a brand new artist page by the nane of "Jinji", but the single was released under an already existing artist page that goes by the same name. The name of the song is "Tapeworm". The following is the cover art for it. I'd like to remove the song from that page and rerelease it on a new artist page please.

this is the url to the page my song is not supposed to be one, help!!


Thank you!

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Hi @Yousef Kamal El Din thanks for reporting this.
We have created a new artist page for you where you can find your release:
Now you can claim your profile on
If you have any further questions please let me know :relaxed:

Hi, my release is swapped with another artist’s. Their track can be found here

A mine is here

The tracks should ideally be swapped, because the profile that I claimed ended up being theirs and now I don’t have access to my releases. 

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Hey @Furanmus @Soull7 @Fernando Duarte 

All forwarded to our teams, and if new artist page gets created, you'll be able to see it soon. Stay tuned and thank you for your support :relaxed:


I just released a song under the artist name “CACTUS”, although I noticed that on Deezer, my song was released under a different “CACTUS” profile.

This is the link of the song: 

Can you please create a separate/dedicated artist profile for me under the artist name “CACTUS”?

Thank you so much!

My album entitled “The House Painter” was added to the wrong artist page. What do I do to get this situation resolved? I used Tunecore to post album to Deezer


Artist name: K.I.D.

Album: The House Painter

Здравствуйте, я выложил свой трек, так как у меня нет своей карточки музыканта, его добавили в чужую(с похожим ником).

Вот сам трек 


Здравствуйте. Я - исполнитель. Я выложил свой первый трек, в связи с чем карточки музыканта у меня нет, поэтому релиз отправился в дискографию к одноимённому артисту. Вот сам релиз:

Можете создать мне карточку музыканта и отправить релиз туда?

Мой ник: TWaY


this song “Ah ya Helw ya Msleny” (  is by the artist Sabah Fakhry (

the artist it is currently under is a misspelling for the original artist name



If you’re an artist, podcaster or simply call yourself a creator, or even if you’re just an avid fan, and have spotted something unusual or inaccurate within our catalogue, this is the place to reach out.

With our dedicated metadata teams, we always aim to deliver you the most precise content in the streaming industry, but let’s be honest: we’ve got a massive catalogue! :sunglasses::relieved: improvements are always on the pipeline, but there’s only so much we can do...

So nothing better than counting on you, to let us know where we can improve!

Don’t forget: to make things easier, always paste here the links for the content you’d like to be fixed on Deezer. We’ll try our best and take care of the rest :thumbsup_tone2:






i have the same problem, my distributor is Distrokid and i have 2 released songs on deezer uploaded on the wrong profile. please help me claim this. im also trying to make an account but i cant claim my artist account because my released songs are in a different artist account.


these are the links to my two released songs by distrokid



this is my personal account link

I released a song on the 14th of February on Deezer called ‘Since London’

I can’t claim my account or my song on the platform because it’s on someone else’s page who has the same name. “Joolz”

I already notified DistroKid and Deezer. Someone was going to help me a while ago but I never heard anything anymore. 

Next month I’m going to release another song and I would love to have both songs on my own page. because that’s way more professional. Could anyone help me please?


My songs “Destrukto Disk” and “On Top” have been added to the wrong artist with the name “Sibz”  -

My name is “SIBZ” -


Kindly my first song LION HEART was placed on a wrong artist page and I don't have my own artist page .how can it be resolved ? 

Need help 

This is the link to my song



This is our Deezer artist page but;


This "NEGENTROPY" album is not belongs to us, actually it belongs to an artist has the same name with us.


So, simply, our page should be renamed as "Negentropy" there should be a seperated artist page named "NEGENTROPY" and the album on the second link should be moved to that page.



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Hey @Macray we have created a new artist page for you and also moved your music from the wrong artist file. You can find it here:
If you have any other questions or requests please let us know. :relaxed:

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Hi @Joolsiex thanks for letting us know.

We have created a new artist page with your music now.

You can find it here:

Also you can claim your artist page on
If you have any other questions or requests please let us know. :nerd: