▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

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Hi @Semo I am sorry to hear that.
Can you please confirm your artist name in order to create a new artist page for you with your son in it?

Thanks :relaxed:

The artist page of the german rapper “Mena” is completely mixed up with multiple other Menas. 
This is the page:


Ive put all of his music in this playlist, though its possible that i forgot something:


Same thing for the german rapper Skeez. But i have no playlist for him. You could just put all the german stuff on one dedicated artist page. xd

Skeez page:



I just uploaded my first song with DistroKid under my artist name AndyB , My song is November Rain 

Song Link 


However it seems there is already an Artist with my same name AndyB , and the song was uploaded to his profile . Can you help me create my Artist profile separate ?

Hi guys,

My music is on a bad artist page, so I registered an artist page for myself but when I had to choose my artist profile, I’d chose the wrong artist profile where my music is on. Of Course I wrote my email adress of my normal profile and my real Artist name. So is it a problem that I made this or I will get a new artist profile? 


Here is the bad artist page:

I’d chosen this because this is where my music is on but its not mine.

Hi Deezer Team


My bands debut single “From Within” has been credited to the incorrect artist also called “Holograph”.

Could you please create a new artist profile for our band?


Link to our song credited to the incorrect artist: 


Please let me know if there’s any other info you need.



Hey Jaime .My artist name is Semo .I would really appreciate it 😊

Kindly communicate when done ✅

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Hey @CHOSE @Joolsiex @Negentropy @SIBZ @MariMejia @Ihssan.Al-Ma'ani @AndyBMusic @HustleHans @Warren Fisher 

Thank you for your reports here, amazing!

We'll get everything sorted ASAP, our teams are working hard on this. In the meantime, enjoy Deezer :relaxed:

Hello! I'm a new artist, my name is Ambra and my song is called "Pace".

It appears on another artist page which is Ambra, we have the same name.

wrong artist page:

I need to get a new artist profile "Ambra" with my song "Pace".


my song link:

Hi Deezer Team


My band has been credited to the incorrect artist also called “Black Lung”.

Could you please create a new artist profile for our band?


Link to our release credited to the incorrect artist: 


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Thanks for letting us know. We can create a profile page for you. Could you please post the links for all your releases?

All forwarded on @Edoardo Lupacchini @Warren Fisher :wink:

Hi Rudi, I really thank you for your help but my song "Pace" still appears on the songlist of the wrong artist page


I can see that you created the correct artist profile for me, "Ambra", thank you for this! but I cannot claim it through Deezer backstage because my "Ambra" profile is not on the checklist.


I hope that you answer as soon as possible! Thank you

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Hey @Semo 
We have created a new artista page with your music on it. You can find it here:
If you have any further questions please let us know :nerd:

Thank you Jaime .I've seen it 😊.thank you .I accidentally requested access to the wrong Page earlier on, before you created this new page for me .Can I request access again with this right page you created ? 


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Hey @Semo 

Yes, go ahead and let us know if you need any assistance.

Hi @Edoardo Lupacchini 

Saw you PM too, all forwarded, keep an eye on it for me :wink:

Hey @Rudi , unfortunately I've been given access to wrong artist profile by backstage.

My artist page profile is

And I've been given access to wrong artist who has the same name as me : 

His link is : So I was requesting if I can fill another request for backstage for my page ??





Hi @Rudi 

My artist profile


Dear @Rudi 


After spending half a year cleaning up our artist profile (cf. 5803917 and others), just today new unwanted music appears in


These 2 new additions do not belong to us:


As we have new music coming in three weeks, can you please make sure that the other releases are removed in a timely fashion? 


Thank you very much for your support!

My song “Her Crow” and “Uranus” is linked to this profile from my repost account:

This is not me. I’d like it to be fixed urgently.

Thank you.



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Hey @Ky18 @elino 

Thanks a lot for reporting and obviously for your patience, it'll be taken care of!

Hi @Semo 

Sorry to hear that. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it's best if you contact our support:


Hello, I have a few reports.

Kinokoteikoku and Kinoko Teikoku are the same band. However they are registered as two different artists. (Kinoko Teikoku) (Kinokoteikoku)


There are a lot of artists merged under the same name, Task. (Task)


A number of albums and singles by the band School Food Punishment arecuriously not labeled under the band but by individual members of said band. (How to go 2012)

(amp-reflection 2012)

(Prog-Roid) (amp-reflection 2010) (How to go 2011) (How to Go - Anime Edit) (RPG) (flashback trip syndrome) (Future Nova/After Laughter) (light prayer) (sea-through communication) (Butterfly Swimmer) (futuristic imagination)


We got songs and albums from another artist with the same name on our profile (

Please can you do something to separate the two accounts?

The releases to remove from our profile are:

Thanks for helping us,

Monodrive team 

There are multiple artists with the name cafuné under the same artist page

Drea also appears to house multiple artists, as this album seems to not be made by the same person as this album.
There are also possibly more dreas in this page.


My songs are displaying on a random Account! 

Could you create a new Artist Account just for my releases?


My music currently shows up on this Account:


My Songs are:


My Name is GALAX (all caps) and not Galax, could you please give me my own artist page?

If you fixxed it please write me a mail to let me know to:




Hello there,

My artist page is - Sweetpea  --

The following tracks are wrong on my profile. I have reported several times but nothing has been done. Would be most grateful if you could remove and unlink those artists to my handle.