Samsung multi room login issue

I can't login to deezer via Samsung multiroom. It keeps advising the ID or password is wrong.

I've re-entered multiple times, even changed the password a couple of times, logged in and out of deezer directly using the same credentials (to prove it is correct).

Have reset the multiroom twice, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Powered off and on my mobile twice. Still advises wrong ID or password?

Is there a known problem currently occurring?


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Hi there, sorry about that. There is no current issue that we are aware of. Do you still have this issue?
Yep. Still the same.
I can login and use deezer itself.
But can't use it via the Samsung multiroom as it continually advises ID or password is incorrect.

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Hi there @Gr1ppa

Please try these steps:

- log out from all your devices and close the app (also in the background)
- get a new password here ->
- delete Deezer from device
- turn off your device for 1-2 minutes
- turn back on
- install Deezer
- login

If you still have any issues after this, please let me know 😉
Hey Rudi,
Yep, did that before I posted on this thread.
Changed password twice.
Uninstalled deezer and multiroom, re-installed both. Restarted mobile twice then fully powered off as well. No dice.
Seems to be a problem with multiroom app not linking to deezer correctly?
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Hey @Gr1ppa (Michael),

Do you have any special characters in your password?
Check this topic for some more help in the meantime. Currently we haven't had any reports with the same problem.
Hey @Rudi Sonos Deezer,
Basic password, all letters. Changed to all numbers and still didn't work.
I should say it used to work for a couple of months - I logged out and then since can't log back in. Remove app, reinstall, etc all no change.
Exactly the same problem here.

Any solution?