Linux needs a native client for Deezer!

I know that exist a client for Windows and Mac, but I can't to find any one for Linux. In my opinion the web version es pretty bad and the company can develop a port for their client.

I think that is important to cover all the platforms for all the users.
I join to this suggestion, if porting or creating the full app is too hard step, at first will be good to have client app based on web version via Electron technology - it will work in all OS and don't need to serious modify web interface.
There are a lot of technologies to use, but the Deezer engineers have the last choice. Linux is very compatible and needs more native services like this.
I hope this happens. Lack of Linux client is only reason I use Spotify over Deezer.
Why do not you have a player for Linux? They could take advantage of this free software idea and support the platform
Please create a Linux app with HiFi enabled. Spotify has a Linux app but I like your service better.
I would definitely support that. I only use Spotify over Deezer due to the lack of the Linux app.
Totally agree. Spotify is winning here due to lack of Linux client..
I want a Deezer Ubuntu app.

I switched to Deezer from Spotify because of LG TV app, but I want a Deezer Ubuntu app like Spotify.
Hi Zack, Thanks a lot for your feedback. We'll let the developers know and I'll update you as soon as we know more! 🙂
Yes, using spotify is atrocious but there is just no practical solution to use Deezer on Linux!
You can install MellowPlayer on linux and this works nicely with Deezer:
You can install MellowPlayer on linux and this works nicely with Deezer:

The default is not compiled with proprietary codecs (and I could not find how to do so), and I don't want to use flash because of obvious reasons.
We need a native linux client in order to properly play lossless format and have an offline mode.
Agree with the topic! We need linux client with lossless streaming support. This is the killer feature of deezer and I want to have it for linux in order to listen to hi quality audio while I'm at work.
One more person here using Spotify only because of it's linux support
And another vote for a Linux client, just did some tests..the browser version just doesn't cut it.

Still better then the native Spotify but not by far as good as a good player/codec like Deadbeef.

I am running: Jack sink - Jconvolver - firewire- M-audio (tweaked PSU + D/A converter)

So I am pretty sure it's the codec we are talking about...
I love Deezer but I'm gonna cancel my subscrition and go back to Spotify since they offer a native linux client.
I really hope this happens, this is the only reason keeping me on Spotify instead of Deezer.
Just came here to up-vote this.

I know Linux is not the hippest thing out there and have the largest market share. Still, a lot of people are using Linux and are not satisfied with the browser player in a long term relationship.

Ever since I came to Deezer (right after simfy closed and forwarded their users to Deezer) I found their music selection and player (Browser and Android) reasonable enough not to look any further for other services. Albeit, a native Linux support would make the experience so much better.

It's sad that during all those years none was developed. Linux might not be the hippest, most sexy platform to go to, but the Linux people are usually driven by a passion about their computer ecosystem that leads them to strongly recommend a tool/program/service over the other.

I would not go as far to switch to another service, but others here are so much dissatisfied with the lack of a native Linux player that they move... even if they "love Deezer".

Therefore, please consider creating a native client!
All the developers out there want a linux client and we are willing to pay for the service.

Until then we have to use spotify because they're the only one with a native linux client :(

Please fix this!
It looks like the Mac and MS Windows native apps both use the same html5 based gui with something extra to handle drm and audio playback. Just adding the ability to playback audio using PulseAudio should be all that is needed to get the same software running on a Linux desktop. Many people interested in hifi audio are using Linux to achieve this. Many of these people, willing to upgrade their account to hifi, are not willing to purchase overpriced SimAudio Moon equipment, or use crappy Sonos hardware. If Deezer wants to take hifi serious it should prioritize a native Linux app above supporting obscure hardware...

You can install MellowPlayer on linux and this works nicely with Deezer:

The default is not compiled with proprietary codecs (and I could not find how to do so), and I don't want to use flash because of obvious reasons.

Well, I'm using ArchLinux, MellowPlayer from the AUR has got Deezer support, I use it almost every day without a problem.

From what I've seen in the documentation, while the AppImage hasn't the proprietary codecs, there is a workaround/fix for the official releases from the distros.

But still, we shouldn't need to use third-party players, a native client would be better, with offline support and such features
Bumping for interest. Better than a standalone player would be plugins to the most popular linux music players such as rhythmbox and amarok.
It shouldn't be an issue to port the new windows and mac app to linux.
Regarding MellowPlayer suggestion, it is clearly not an option:

  • not a player, it's a customized browser
  • with a huge overhead
  • it needs Macromedia Flash to play audio (not kidding)
  • doesn't do highdpi
  • doesn't support Deezer HIFI