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Option to Not Minimize/Close to System Tray

  • 9 August 2019
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Now that Dark Mode is finally available in the desktop app, I have been using the exclusively on my desktops instead of visiting the website.

I would like the option for the app to actually quit when I close it, and not continue running in the system tray. It is a major annoyance when I close the app and the music keeps playing. As if I were working on a Mac where an application that is closed is never really closed until you force quit it from the dock.

I have seen a few older threads requesting the opposite - that the app minimize/close to the system tray. I can understand how that would be preferable for some, but I prefer to exit apps completely when I quit them and not have to take the additional step of expanding the system tray to quit the application.

Can a setting can be included to let subscribers choose the behavior when closing the app?

Thank you

4 replies

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Hi there @miguelgigante

Thank you for your feedback. I agree that not everyone is happy with the functionality. So I've passed the feedback on and left my contribution here 👍🏼
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Until Deezer launches that feature, you could use Monitor to kill Deezer process or using a command in your terminal.
It should be optional. I lost a few minutes trying to figure out how to deactivate it... 😞
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Sorry for the time taken @edumig thank you for your feedback, we're looking into it.