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Hey @K1w1

Please vote for the idea here!
We've already got our devs working on this. Hopefully it'll come up soon 😉
Hey @K1w1

Please vote for the idea here!
We've already got our devs working on this. Hopefully it'll come up soon ;)


As part of night mode - changing the way lyrics are highlighted would make a huge difference, too. Instead of white highlight, perhaps, use an orange highlight, or include an option for user to pick color of lyric highlighter; and maybe also add ability to change lyrics font and size.

Thank you,
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👴 me waiting for dark / night mode
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Hey @Vlad2000x

Got it, buddy. Will pass this on too!


I hope it can be done soon. I'm a long time Deezer Premium user and the only thing I do not like about the app is that bright white. Pleeeeaseeee 😁
Come on Deezer! This is a year old request!
Come on Deezer, add an optional DarkMode like Spotify and many other Apps.
I buy the Premium since 2 years and nothing happens into this way.
iOS App needs it!
White interface burns my eyes at night.
I hate Deezer for it.
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Last.fm has the same problem which can be fixed by a browser extension using user styles, see this support thread with screenshots:


I searched for a similar CSS for Deezer and found this:


So it seems these work on Android and probably also with the Deezer web player on Windows and MacOS, but not for the desktop app, I guess. The first one "Dark Deezer for New UI" works for me with the Stylus browser extension in Opera 58 on Windows 10:

+1 this is needed
A dark or black theme for Deezer Android would be quite good. Since the last Android version are the dark versions of apps popular.
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Hi @Alin

Please vote for the idea here, the more, the merrier 😉
Voted. The white theme is blinding.
I think with the new Pie Android and new features it will be a good idea
Came back to check because I switched to Spotify but am considering coming back to Deezer because I like the quality.

I am really surprised that this easy thing called dark mode (just slapping some other hex color codes into the IDE) hasn't been made yet. It would make so many people happy and increase comfort at night or in dark rooms. What's about that white and bright craze? Do you want to be different from spotify and tidal at all costs? 😕
Lets go guys... hurry up with this dark mode!! My eyes is burningggg! 🤣
Is this ever happening?
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It is @walent🤓
I'm just unable to confirm when. I know it's a cliche, but yes, it's been worked on.
Many apps like YouTube and Twitter have a setting called Dark Mode or Night Mode.
Basically what it does is, it makes the whole app dark so you don't get blinded by the bright light in the dark.
I thought that perhaps this could be a something cool for Deezer, as I and maybe many more people use Deezer a lot in the dark/at night
I want the Deezer to have a dark theme because its gonna look so much better. It will be great for using it at night.
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Hi there @Levy and @Gabriel.Alcoba

Please vote above! ;)
We know everyone wants this, so we'll get there!
+ 1 vote from me. Please add this, is useful.
Definitely needs dark mode. Latest app update is making the app whiter; lol, changing the tab bar from black to white? Really? Every update I open up the app to see if you guys added dark mode but still you guys don’t deliver. Spotify had a dark theme from the beginning and guess who is winning the streaming music wars?
The title speaks for itself.
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My vote too