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DARK MODE WHEN?!!?!?!?!?!??!
Like the app so far and the only thing that I don't like about it that there is not black background or dark mode option. The white background causes my phone battery to die faster. If the background was black then it would look and feel better as well as save me some battery percentage bc of the oled screen for my phone. Other than that, like I said this is a great. I like how the lyrics are available.
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Hi there @Raymond Tapia

Please see above for more info ;)

@Anzer @Len

It's being tested, don't worry you'll hear from me soon.
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Second that
The menu bar - is light gray - window simply blends into the background of larger window

already pressed few times control buttons by accident
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Hey @ostapski

Thanks for the feedback, will pass it to the team in charge of Dark Mode 😉
How is this still not an option available by default in 2019?
Oii quero sugerir a mudança do fundo da tela, colocar um mais escuro, o branco não é confortável aos olhos. Gosto muito do Deezer, e quando fico procurando músicas, tenho que diminuir a luz do celular e mesmo assim não consigo ficar muito tempo.
Yo vine aquí exactamente por esta idea, pienso que ya deberían haberla implementado, pero bueno...
Quiero apoyar esta idea porque realmente es lo que nos falta a los verdaderos usuarios vehementes de Deezer, por tiempos prolongados dentro de Deezer resulta incómodo y molesto para los ojos, la interfaz blanca es un fuerte dolor para los ojos, un modo oscuro para Deezer, por favor. Gracias.
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Could you guys add a dark mode under settings, pretty please! Majority of the app is white which happens to blind some of us when we use your awesome service at night :)

10th November 2017: Please can we have dark mode in Deezer. 😎

18th June 2019: Still no dark mode in Deezer 😶

Is it really that difficult to implement? Like... how hard? 2 years hard? ...because we coming up for that anniversary in less than 5 months 🙄
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Thanks for the reminder @captainboobles ;)

We're testing the feature on Android for a limited number of users - as mentioned above. Thank you for your patience 🤓