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Allow multiple logins for Family Subscription

  • 4 November 2017
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It would be better if you could create different codes to give to your family member instead of giving them access to the master account so you don’t have to worry of them changing your thing on Deezer.
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Hi there @The_Io_Gamer

Thanks for this suggestion, it's a different way to look at it. I've moved it here so that it joins the idea about separate logins. Please vote if you haven't 😉
I have now upgrade my famlily premium abo to a family abo. And my opinion about this is I can provider other deezer accounts access to deezer premium because I have a family ABO. So I can share my abo with my wife, my mother and so on. But if I understand the UI correct I must share my credentials of my deezer account with all people I want to share my abo because these 6 profiles are working more like a folder for different times not like accounts.

I think that this is not good by design. If I take my gmail account as authentification provider for my deezer account any body that use the account to access the his profil can allso read all my mails etc.

Or I wan't realy manage my kids I can't do this. (yes I can restrict a profile to a kids profil but can't restirct the users to switch in another account.
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Hello again @paule96

Thank you for your feedback and input. Please register your support for the idea here in this topic.

In the meantime I suggest you to have different passwords for your Deezer and email accounts, for safety.
Just do it - Crazy not to