Shazam link to Deezer not working on Android and iOS

  • 16 January 2021
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When I found a song on shazam I pressed the 3 dots and it would say open in deezer. Now the links no longer there. Any ideas? I'm in UK using Samsung s20


Best answer by Rudi 8 April 2021, 19:35

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82 replies

Hi Rudi

Thank you for your feedback, the contents of which I have noted.

Do you or anyone know how I can communicate with Shazam?  I have searched Google but cannot find  any links to a  Shazam Community or Forum? I found Shazam for Apple now there’s surprise but nothing for Shazam Android. If anyone has communicated with Shazam for Androids, please send me their links. You help would be appreciated. 

If all fails, then I will have to sell my new Samsung S20 and continue with my Samsung S9.  I can’t understand why I can open Deezer in Shazam with my Samsung S9 without any issues.  I noticed all new Samsung S20s there’s issues with opening Deezer in Shazam.  I hope the developers can short this problem out asap.

Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Hey @Ms P 

Totally understand the frustration. And trust me, we'd love to have the option available too - that's why we'll keep the conversation with Apple on this open.

For either iOS or Android related questions, you should be able to reach Apple either way (via their support):

You should just mentioned to them that you'd like Deezer to be supported by Shazam.

Have a great week!

When will i be able to link my shazam music to my deezer app?

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Hi there @Suzanne Whitbread 

Thanks for reaching out.

We don't know much about that yet but we'll keep tabs open with Apple about this later in the year - in the meantime I also suggest you to contact them because it adds volume to their app's feedback :fingers_crossed_tone2:

Hi Rudi

I contacted Apple as you suggested but guess what?  There has been no response from therm whatsoever.  It’s been a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your day.

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Thanks for letting me know @Ms P 

Is there a way you can ask them to escalate your request?

On our side, there isn't much we can do at this stage - but we'll further our contact with them throughout the year as well.

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 Hey there everyone! 

We are testing a new feature to recognize a song by just, 

humming, singing or whistleling into your phone! 

If you want to help us out show your interest here: