Shazam link to Deezer not working on Android and iOS

  • 16 January 2021
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When I found a song on shazam I pressed the 3 dots and it would say open in deezer. Now the links no longer there. Any ideas? I'm in UK using Samsung s20


Best answer by Rudi 8 April 2021, 19:35

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82 replies

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Hi there @Bekx14 

Thanks for reporting this. It should be working but I've asked our devs for confirmation - just in case.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

same as me. no deezer when i use shazam. and i use te samsung s20 too

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Hi there @Joseph Agu 

Thanks for adding to the discussion Have you tried uninstalling Shazam, restarting your phone and reinstalling it again? Please confirm, we're looking into this :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi There


Me too I'm afraid, I have uninstalled both Deezer and Shazam in the hope but no luck I'm afraid. 


I am on Android using Pixel 3a


Cheers Alan

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Thanks a lot for letting us know @Alan Patterson 

I've passed this to our devs, it seems there are more users getting affected by this. Have you tried using our SongCatcher in the meantime?

Also no deezer link when I am using Deezer.

Reinstalled Shazam no change.

Samsung S20

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Thanks a lot for sharing @Andri.Jordaan 

We'll pass your details on so that our teams can investigate it :thumbsup_tone2:

Got the same issue here. How are the dev teams doing with trying to resolve this? I'm on Samsung S21

Same here samsung s20plus, few weeks ago the option still worked, now suddenly not anymore.

I always work with shazam to deezerūüėę


Already re-installed app, no difference.


Regards Bianca from Holland 

Rudi, which songcatcher? Where can I find this?


Regards Bianca 

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Hey, Bianca! @wijallemaal-deezer 

Glad to hear from you. Just tap on the search tab, you should have a blue button for SongCatcher there :relaxed:

Still looking into this @Nats thank you for your patience!

@wijallemaal-deezer please vote for this idea here:


Same on S21

I still can't access deezer on Shazam. Is this permanent or technical error?

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We couldn't reproduced it on our side so still investigating this @curtstockman @Mlu.Maphanga 

Could you please confirm if the Deezer app at least opens?

I switched from Galaxy S10 to a S21. On the S10 Shazam supports the option to open a song with Deezer. Now with my new S21 the feature is no longer there??? Only Apple Music Spotify comes up???

Is there a prpblem between Shazam and Deezer???

Hi Rudi, the Deezer app works just fine on my S21 Ultra but there is no link to Deezer from Shazam anymore

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Hey @Chris Myburgh @curtstockman 

We're still waiting for more info in relation to this. Some users are reporting that they still have the link but it isn't triggering anything on the Deezer app, apart from opening it.

Stay tuned, I'll be back once I've heard more about it - and in the meantime, don't forget to use Song Catcher :pray_tone2:

Hallo, auch bei mir klappt die Verbindung Shazam zu Deezer seit ein paar Tagen nicht mehr. 

SongCatcher ist leider keine Alternative.

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S21 ultra.  SAME PROBLEM 

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Thank you for adding your Deezer accounts to the report we've created @Marco Krieger @Mr Parsley our devs are looking into it!

Hi there


Shazam link to deezer not been working for couple of months either¬†¬†on my IPhone 11 or ¬†iPad¬†. Bit annoying ūüßź

It means Shazam opens up  Deezer but doesn’t find the songs at all.

How can I sort it out? 



I'm having the same issue too. I used to have the option to open in Deezer but this has now gone. Tried uninstalling both apps and reinstalling..Still no Deezer options. I have recently updated to android 11 and oneUI 3.0 on my S10. 

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Thanks for letting us know @Phil.Foggs¬†@PaweŇā Fenert¬†Pablo,

We're currently querying this. In the meantime, please check out our SongCatcher within the app.

Thanks for letting us know¬†@Phil.Foggs¬†@PaweŇā Fenert¬†Pablo,

We're currently querying this. In the meantime, please check out our SongCatcher within the app.

Hi Rudi
I actually checked it out when  songcatcher was launched . There was a problem to find brand new and not really popular songs. Anyway I’m gonna check it your one again. 
Cheers mate


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That'd be lovely if you could give us some feedback for improvements, Pablo! @PaweŇā Fenert¬†:grin: