How do I disable auto-play of unwanted suggested music?

This is making me crazy and it is an absolute deal breaker.  Without a solution to stop playing unwanted music after my selected track the service is just annoying.  Why should I listen to something I don’t want (even if I paid)?  Why someone/something has to choose my music instead of me?


I wrote to the support but I was dismissed with something like:  “sit and wait, maybe in the future someone will decide to implement such feature”.  That’s very, very far from acceptable  


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Hello @geenzo,

if you connect via browser and open the queue you will see a “Automated Recommendations” button. 

Make sure that’s deactivated. 

Let me know! 


if you connect via browser and open the queue you will see a “Automated Recommendations” button. 

This only works with normal use. As soon as a song is started from the search, you get a mix. Regardless of whether you have activated automatic recommendations or not. 😑

if you connect via browser and open the queue you will see a “Automated Recommendations” button. 

This only works with normal use. As soon as a song is started from the search, you get a mix. Regardless of whether you have activated automatic recommendations or not. 😑

That’s correct, it’s exactly the problem I was trying to explain

It’s not a bonus, it’s a flaw in the app. There is no way to turn it off.  Just sloppy poor programming. If I play a song I DON’T WANT OTHER SONGS PLAYED. I DON’T WANT 100 SONGS ADDED TO THE QUEUE. It’s not helpful, it’s annoying and you should be able to turn it off.  

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Deezer thinks it’s a feature, not a bug. See my related idea where you can still vote:


The problem is still on ! (I connect via browser)

Impossible to play the songs of an artist from the research ! The second song of the queue will automatically be another random song from a mix. This is such a horrible feature ! No way to deactivate it.

...I imagine the developers and project managers around a table deciding this behiviour would be something great, promoting their bad algorithm (or promoting artists I don’t care about).

I will quit Deezer if this issue is not supposed to be fixed.

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Hello @CoSep indeed this is per design and not a problem. I would even say that would be a nice feature to have on mobile, but unfortunately it is not in the planning to develop.

The search bar, allows you to discover that music, artist or album that you don’t know.

When you play a song from their, it always lunch a track mix. 

The workaround, would be to create a playlist just with that song, and therefor, you don’t get recommend tracks afterwards.

I’m just going to add onto the pile of complaints.  I just switched over to deezer today and I am already annoyed with the queue throwing random songs I do not want at me.

I really hope this function gets an off switch soon otherwise I too will just move on to something else.

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Hello @LedVapour welcome to Deezer. As mentioned in my previous post when you play a song from search you will get always a track mix based on that genre of track. The workaround would be to create a playlist adding the songs you find under search.

In the meantime, we keep collecting more inputs from all our users regarding this and other desired features. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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As mentioned in my related idea, there is another workaround if you select the found tracks with their checkboxes on the right side and send them all to the play queue directly instead of creating a new playlist. There has to be something in the queue already for this to work, and it cannot be another mix like Flow etc., because that would block the queue.

Also useful is the ability to drag & drop tracks in the play queue, so you can sort them if you want to change their order of playing.

It amazes me this is still happening. you want the app to work a certain way, fine, make the option to turn this behaviour off hard to find or whatever. But don’t make it impossible.


Please please please please please add an option to allow playing of single tracks from search, with no autoplay mix queue whatever nonsense. Please.

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Hello @bluezzbastardzz  thanks for sharing this workaround.

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Hi @morningoil thanks for your message.

I have shared your comment with the developers, so everybody is aware this a recurrent topic here in the community.

Right now, there isn’t any new feature in the road map for on this topic, but we all hope 2024 brings new exciting features.

I second @morningoil 100%. And this feature should definitely be in the roadmap. Whoever makes the decisions at Deezer must know it would make so many users happy. And I’m sure they’re also smart enough to understand that it will make a lot of people unhappy and helpless when they can’t have control over their listening experience even if they pay for the service.

Unfortunately, like with most streaming services, these decisions are made based on other factors than the user experience. We, who use these services, do see this. As a software developer I know that features like this are super easy to implement, IF someone just says they should be implemented. So this is not sloppy programming, if someone is still wondering. Of course there can still be bugs, like if there’s a checkbox, but checking it won’t make anything happen.

Please be the first service to show that you respect the user. Respect comes exactly from things like these. Give us a feeling of power over our listening experience. That way we will listen more, not less.

Leonida.Deezer, you say that the only workaround to the bloody mixes is to create a playlist. I've done that, the one is over 430 songs long, it's all one artist and then less than 6 covers done by a few other artists, so I know exactly who and what should be played when I choose that list, but yet I'm still getting other songs thrown in. I'd get it if it was like under a dozen songs and there were suggestions, how many freaking songs does it take to not get the godforsaken mixes to engage?!?! Y'all really need to make a toggle to turn the mixes on and off, even if it's for the whole account. I left deezer a while back because of this for my old Spotify account and this honestly will probably drive me away again. 

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Thanks for your feedback and understanding @BB_Roll. Of course I would love to have good news always.
I hope we can provide a better UX in the short term regarding this issue, but as mentioned above there’s no ETA at the moment.
Apologies for the inconvenience and we really appreciate your support and patience.

If this isn’t fixed within a month I’ll stop my subscription. I might come back if you fix it.

I chose Deezer over other platforms because it seemed it was a platform for music, where artists and listeners are respected. No push notifications for podcasts. Focus on albums by artists played for the listeners as the artist intended and the listener sought out.

But this algorithm-driven autoplay ruins it all. It’s not a minor thing. It makes me feel you don’t care about artists and listeners at all. Listening to a song is like enjoying a painting. The silence after the song is important, just as the empty space on the walls between museum paintings 

The last thing I want after sinking in to a song I chose is some other random song chosen by nobody. Playlists and mixes should be an option, never the default.


The default should be albums by artists, and songs by artists. Make Deezer a music-centric, artist-centric platform. Not an algorithmic playlist platform treating music like background lighting. 

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Hi all !


@bluezzbastardzz is say about that above , but I was decide make topic with screenshots  :

How play Top Tracks of one Artist with and without Queue 


SOLVED: I found a way around this problem. Create a playlist with any song, just one. Name it 123 so it appears at the top of your playlists. Click on that playlist and start the song. Then go inmediately to search a song you want to hear and select Add Next in Queue. You can now browse songs and add them to queue as you wish. If you dont have repeat on, it will just stop after the last song on you list. Once you close the playlist, the songs added to the queue dissapear from that playlist. 

This is also usefull at parties when people get their turn to add a song to the list!

It is a a bit of a nuisence to do this, but it works. Hopefully Deezer will have the option to turn off the automatic song selection or many users will migrate to Spotify… At least their equalizer on the app is readily available… in Spotify it takes like 5 moves to get to the equalizer and the layout is horrible... 

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Hi @Alexander Leland, thank you so much for sharing this workaround!

It's great to see the community coming together to find solutions.

Your detailed instructions will definitely help others facing the same issue.

Much appreciated!

Leonidia. Deezer there shouldn’t need to be a work around . I for one am going to be leaving Deezer in the next month or so as I’ve had enough of this continual random song playing and I’ll be taking my family subscription with me .