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  • 12 December 2020
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Hello, I'm from Czechia and my distributor is Distrokid.

My artist name is Cesi, and I my first release with deezer (Miss you) has been placed on the wrong artist page with the same name as me. Is there's a way to separate my songs from this another artist?

And there is any way for me to manage my artist page/profile?


78 replies

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Hi Deezer team

my new song Swan Sea on deezer was added to the wrong artist that has got the same name as our band therefore we cant create a profile for us. 


This is the link of the song

Our band is called Desire Path.


This is the wrong artist: this is definetly not us.


Many thanks and hope this gets sorted ASAP!

Here is your new artist page:

Hello! My name is constrict, im a dubstep producer and ive recently released my song "With many voices" via distribution. 

Sadly ive realised that my song has been put into a bands account on deezer that uses the same name

That isnt me.

I have no account yet so id require one still.

Could this be fixed?

Link to song: 


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Hey @Lppassy!

Thank you for your contact. 

Your artist page is here. =)

Take care.✌🏽