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  • 12 December 2020
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Hello, I'm from Czechia and my distributor is Distrokid.

My artist name is Cesi, and I my first release with deezer (Miss you) has been placed on the wrong artist page with the same name as me. Is there's a way to separate my songs from this another artist?

And there is any way for me to manage my artist page/profile?


87 replies

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Hi @Cesi Thank you for reporting this.
Can you please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and provide the URL of your artist page and the URL of your album/track in the wrong artist page?
If you don't have an artist page yet, let them know and they can also request to our music team to create one for you.
Regarding getting access and manage your profile please check the following link in our community: 


Trying to create an artist page and i can not because my music was assigned to someone elses page its a song entitled "COOLIN IT" by Manny but i am the artist of the song its assigned to can you please remove it off the list so i can make an artist page.. here is the song that i own rights to

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Thanks for letting us know. Here:

In the meantime, don't forget to join our Deezer for Creators group here in the community:


Im chamse Aka DmC 

i published this song in this platiform using routenote 

but its claimed to the wrong artist 

here is the link 



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Hey @Touahria Chams Eddine 

Thanks for letting us know.

I've forwarded your details so that we can get it sorted for you. Don't forget to request access to our Deezer for Creators group here in the community: :wink:


I'm Solina and I have the same problem. My song was placed under someone else's profile. My distributor is Distrokid too, and I don't have my own artist profile on Deezer yet. Here's the link to the music I own:

Thank you for fixing this! 

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Thanks for letting us know @Iisa.Vallirinne don't forget to join our Deezer for Creators group as I mentioned above :relaxed:

Hello me again, another incorrect track on my profile.


My artist page is -

Please remove -

thank you x

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Forwarded it on @Sweetpeadnb thanks a lot for letting us know :relaxed:

Hello this Danielle Marie, a new artist here on deezer, I just released an EP called Wander today, and as I check the songs they were included to the wrong artist profile, please help me, this is my first release here and I really want to share them on my social media but the song were added to the wrong artist.. I hope you can respond to my problem… 


here is the link of my release



please help me.. Thank you so much

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I've already replied to you on another topic @danielle_mariee should be all sorted now! :relaxed:

I've already replied to you on another topic @danielle_mariee should be all sorted now! :relaxed:

Thank you so much! Can I ask how will the tracks go to my name? I still didn't claim my creator profile since I need to search up my name and I don't have any yet...

Hey, this is Fenrir

My track was added to someone else’s artist page.

this is my track.

Both me, and Malana, need an artist page created.


we posted our first single on deezer using Distrokid, and somehow it was added to another band's page (they have the same name)

we are Glymur band from Kyiv

the track is Son of the North

link to track


the band Glymur from Iceland is not we🙈🙈🙈


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Hi there @fenrir.music10 @natashka_ribkin 

Thanks for reporting it. I've forwarded everything on now and you can expect improvements over the course of the week :relaxed:

Hey there @Rudi !

All of Pollen’s track are one the wrong profile:
The full EP Mutualism:
The single Cordyceps:


Should be on a different “Pollen”. 

Can you make the changes please?
Thanks a lot

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Sure thing @Kydas 

Thanks for reporting this to us!


I posted my first single on deezer using Distrokid, and somehow it was added to another artist page (he has the same name)

I are Russel from Nigeria 

the track is Don’t Panic featuring Lolli


Here is the link to the song


Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Hi @Russel I have forwarded the info to our music team and they have created a new profile for you here:


I posted two single on deezer using Distrokid, and somehow it was added to another artist page (he has the same name)

I am Levy.

The tracks are:


and “BODEGA” (

There is also the upcomming “ILY” so I hope it wont be added to another artist this time too..


Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Hello Levy,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

This is your new artist profile on Deezer

Enjoy Deezer! :bulb:

Hello, when filling out the Artists issue, there is a section called the “Résumé” which isn’t specified (even with a google search) and was wondering what this part is?

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@Melody STAR I am not sure if I understand your problem.
Can You please provide a screenshot with the section that you mentioned?
Thanks :)

This is what it looks like and was wondering what this “Résumé” section is when filling out information on the ‘Artist issue’ page

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Hello @Melody STAR 

Are you trying to claim your artist page on Deezer Creators or editing the artist page? We would appreciate it if you can share with us also the URL of the website where that part of the screenshot is appearing to check it out.

Thank you!