Error on a song in Deezer, report it here

Hi, I just wanted to report an error on the following song:


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Hey @OutdatedDZ can you please confirm if the track is working for you now and not giving any error message?
Thanks :)

It still gets a sound gap at 6:14 on Windows/Firefox.

It errors out at the same track time when using the Windows desktop app:


So nothing has changed.

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Hello @OutdatedDZ 

We have asked the distributor to re-deliver the track to Deezer again. It may take a bit to get the right file but we have already sent the request to them,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused,



Sounds like this track is skipping around the 1 minute mark:

Not sure how to go about reporting this, but this song is a cover and that should be indicated somewhere but I don't see anything in the mobile app. The cover art, title, and subtitle imply that it's an original but it's quite obviously a cover of River Flows in You by Yiruma.


The song Babylon by 5 Seconds of Summer randomly skips ahead at 1:44, and then again at 2:11

Hey, so I was just listening to “Temporary Bliss” by the Cab and the song ends abruptly.


I did try to change audio settings and clear my cache but each time I play it the song ends early. I hope you all are able to fix it. Thanks!

Hi, there’s an error in the following song:


It sounds like a mobile phone ringtone goes off halfway through!!

The song With Arms Wide Open is by an artist called Creed. The Deezer catalogue says its by another artist called Cream See track 7 on this album: Greatest Hits by Creed

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Hi @gemdavidson23 @murray654 you can report this directly on Deezer desktop app or web version in your PC/Mac and our music team will take care of it. Just click on the 3 dots>report a problem.