Random mode or shuffle doesn't work properly

Hello Deezer team

I have paid subscription for Hi-Res, so I’m your customer.

In general, your product is not bad, but for a long time I have one request for you:

please rewrite or change functionality of random mode or shuffle mode in your player for mobile and in web version for desktop.

I have 1688 compositions in my favourite list, and it's not all that I have and want to add to this lisr.

I’m not millenial and I know and love many artists and I have wide  musical preferences.
But I must listen only 20-30 the same compositions every time when I want to listen something different in my list of favourites or into “Flow” mode.
What is a shame?
You have the issue more than 2 years and still nothing for changing the situation?

And I’m not alone with it, look at complains on this forum.
Can you change the algorithm for example in this manner: add internal counter into user metadata for each composition and count each play. And play next time another compositions from list of favourites which have lower counter value. It's simple. Or please use more strong randomize function!

Hire normal programmers!
I understand you may use many variables before make desicion what will be played, like is song in cache or not and another evaluations ...
But what is I customer who doesn't have traffic limitation and I don't against to download as much as possible just do normal RANDOMIZE mode for me and my playlists.
I wrote my requests several times and nothing from your side ... It's shame, it's my opinion.
Do you need to save your customer, let him to stay with Deezer?

Or you already have millions subscribers and opinion of one of their nothing matter?
Or your customer should change music provider, on our market we already have Youtube Music and Spotify ...



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Sadly, I agree with this post. Whatever programming language is being used to develop Deezer, please just call the random() function and everything will be fixed!

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If you want truly Random Shuffle, the YouTube Music is far from it. Do not try it at home.

It plays playlists almost in same order shuffled, ridiculous. I canceled for them and bought Deezer.

You shuffle playlist daily and literally it plays in same order (also their radio function). YTM thing.

On my playlist I use to be able to put onto shuffle mode and different song would be picked after the 1st song and if I did not want the 2nd song after I would go back to the 1st song and play the next one until the 2nd song was something diff now I cant do that it jusy play the same 2nd song after the 1st song and im not happy about this 

I'm also not happy with how much I pay for this i use to pay way less years ago ive being a loyal customer for years now plz make it cheaper as I cant afford this now covid is make my job less hours 

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Hi there @ashowl77 

Sorry to hear about that. For the first issue you mentioned, we'd be grateful if you could provide more details about your device and app version.

For the cost issue, please speak to our customer care team here and ask if there's something they can do to help out :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi so before on the playlist I was able to start with one song put it onto random and a different song would come on and if I did not want that 2nd song to play next I would go back to the 1st song and it would pick a new 2nd song now it just pick the same 2nd song no matter what

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Thanks for coming back @ashowl77 

So that I can forward my bug report to our devs, could you please confirm your device model, OS and our app version?

Samsung s10 light

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Is that running on what Android version @ashowl77? Can you also go into your app's settings and check in 'About', which version is it at?

Dear deezer,

complaints for a long time about playing random and still not solved?

pls fix this and stop amateur behavings

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Hi there @MarkOlofsen 

We're more than happy to help, but we need some details about your experiencing and what system/app you have - so that we can try to reproduce the issue on our side :pray_tone2:

Hello Deeter team!

I’m experiencing the same issue using different equipment. I’m using Huawei P30 android (model ELE-L29), build, the same or even worse situation is when I listen Deezer using Marantz receiver NR1200. I don’t know which OS Marantz is using. I don’t have any song on my playlist marked as preffered (with a heart)

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Hi @Janez Gliha 

Thanks for getting in touch with us here.

Could you please give us more details about what's happening with your shuffle? For example, if I were to try and reproduce this on my side, what steps would I need to take?


I have created playlists. Most recent playe is Janez_krneki včih has more than 600 tracks. I always choose random play but I’ve noticed that some tracks are like they are marked as fovourite because they are played very often bit some tracks are never played. Maybe you have some statistic tool so you can check numbers which tracks from my playlist were played and how often. If you want to reproduce probably you should start playing my playlist, leave it in play mode and after some time maybe day or two check the statistic.


Best regards,



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Thanks for the feedback @Janez Gliha will pass it on! :relaxed:

Hi there @MarkOlofsen 

We're more than happy to help, but we need some details about your experiencing and what system/app you have - so that we can try to reproduce the issue on our side :pray_tone2:

Hi Rudi,

mobile ut Works perfect but on the tv app the shuffle button die not work : it dusapoears after one song.

I use the app on Ziggo mediabox next


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We're improving our integrations this year @MarkOlofsen so please hang in there a bit longer! :pray_tone2:

Thanks for coming back with the screenshot, I'll pass it on!

As this year is very long : how long do i need to hang in there.  

I took  deezer premium especially to play via tv and stereo,  so my disappointment is hugh 😒

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I know @MarkOlofsen we haven't had updates in a while - but they're coming. What OS is that box with? Android TV?

Alternatively, what brand of TV do you have? We've got different TV apps planned to be updated this year. But they're different developments with different release dates :thumbsup_tone2:


OS is Ziggo cabled to mediabox. Ask Ziggo ?

I can cast to tv with  chromecast, but i want it connected to app in Ziggo mediabox , so i can play it via myHifi system 

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Gotcha! @MarkOlofsen 

Isn't your HiFi system connected to the TV?

With the chromecast integration, you can cast in FLAC/HiFi.

In the meantime, I'll be passing your feedback to our partnerships team to see if they can sort this out with Ziggo.

The problem with shuffle not being random is something Deezer already knows 3 years now. See this post: 

When are we getting a solution for this? I have songs that come up every time I listen to my favorites in shuffle, and then there are songs that I never ever hear. I looked back in my favorites and there are some songs that I haven't heard in over a year. 

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Hey @SilkeW28 

Apologies for the experience. In order to better help you with this, I need to know which device you have and the Deezer app version.

Thank you!

I’m certain that this isn’t your fault Rudi but still, I would be glad if something changed as soon as possible. As far as I’m concerned, this “what is your device, etc. ” is just a lazy excuse and a measure to buy yourself some time, as everybody has the following issues, most of which have been mentioned in this community for several years: My device is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro on android 10, I run Deezer on version I am in the beta program. My issue with shuffling one certain playlist is that some songs appear always and some appear never. The thing is, my playlists contain like 50 songs. But the even bigger issue is that when I want to shuffle all downloaded songs, only two songs are in the queue. When they are over, the first song is played again, followed by a new song, after which the first song is played again. This repeats infinitely. Some songs appear in the queue, which I haven’t even downloaded.

It is sad, that such a big streaming service isn’t able to use a proper randomising algorithm, which is the least, a customer could expect. So pass on this feedback directly to the guys, who created the old algorithm and tell them to get to work.

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Hi @benebecker1 

I totally understand you, thanks for getting back to me.

I don't need to "buy time", I must say. I'm here every day! :sweat_smile:

I do have to ask the version and OS because that's two of the details our devs ask us for when reporting anything to them. I must say that there are other Android users who don't have the same experience when shuffling their favourite tracks, hence why we have to be super specific. First to know if it's something which was fixed and then came back, then secondly to see if it's specific to you.

On iOS I can assure you that random works like a charm. I get a new list every time I shuffle my favourites. So I can appreciate the fact you can't get this right and that we need to fix it for you. I've now forwarded your comments, with your details, to our developers to see if there's anything they can suggest in the meantime. Thank you for your support and patience in the meantime!