Payment issues on Deezer

Payment issues on Deezer
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Payment problem, multiple or unexpected debit? :money_with_wings:

Please contact directly the customer support team by chat or email.

:exclamation: You are here on a public forum and, for your own safety online, it is important not to share your payment or personal details.


Has your payment been declined? :credit_card:

Before contacting the customer support team, please check first that:

  • Your registered payment method is valid for at least 3 more months.
  • The payment method comes from the same country from which you want to subscribe.
  • The payment was refused by your bank, as this can happen for various reasons even if you have the funds in your account.


Have you paid but your subscription is not activated? :iphone::computer::desktop:

  • Check that you are connected to the correct account corresponding to your paid subscription.
  • Try to log out and log in again.
  • If the subscription is still not activated, please contact the customer support team with proof of payment.

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Hi @Chris.Byrne , sorry to hear you’ve been double billed. You might be best to contact Deezer Support detailing exactly what’s happened so that they can get this corrected. 


I hope they get it sorted for you and have a good week. 

I can't seem to pay for my subscription, I missed the payment which comes out, but I'm trying to pay now both via card and PayPal and it keeps coming up with an error 

Can anyone help please 

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Hi @Craigsmith1 please contact our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to check your account and let you know what’s wrong with your payment.
Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.

I'm having the same problem as the original poster.


I've been subscribed for quite a while now and never had any problems and oneday I was just let know that I'm unsubscribed... With a big struggle I managed to get subscribed again, it's been a month now, I got an email telling me that my payment was unsuccessful, it's the same card I've always used, and now it doesn't want to allow me to resubscribe to the family plan? Is there anyone who can help? 

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Hi @Anzell.Thiart please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to check your account and let you know what might be wrong with your payments.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

I'm being charged twice by Deezer in a 30-day period why

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Hi @Kebbage please contact our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will help with your request.
Apologies for the inconvenience


mine Account is ******* I have paid yesterday one year premium account and I am still in free mode. 
Now I got bank account report that transaction has been maid but will no premium subscription!!!!!  :( :(  Visa business silver #**** upotrebljena trs: 
Vreme: 08.07.2021 17:18
Iznos: 44,91 EUR
Mesto: Deezer 2QoYy Paris FR



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Hi @Dragan Markovic I have checked in the system and it shows a refused payment and that’s the reason you are still on free.
I suggest to contact our our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to help and explain you why the payment did not go through.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Payment declined.

Hi... I have had a failed payment message from Deezer and I select the debit card option, but an error message appears since I have a balance on the card.  Any idea how I can fix it? Thank you Very much.

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Hey @Paola Melo I am sorry to hear that.
Please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will check your account and help you with the payment.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

I just updated a new card, as the old one had expired and did a new subscription, only to find out that I was charged more for the same plan. Kindly explain why this is so. Attached therein is my payment history. 


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Hey @shilz 

We have updated our prices and currency in Nigeria, that’s why the new prices are shown in USD.

You can check them out on our website

I can see that the Customer Care team have already resolved your issue via email,

Thanks ;)

No matter how times I try to pay for my subscription it won't process through its getting really frustrating 

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Hey @dc1037061 I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your payment.
Please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to help.
Apologies for the inconvenience 

can I cancel a premium payment made via shopeepay?

Good day, 

I have been getting double debited by Deezer for nearly over a year, potentially longer. I have tried emailing numerous times to get this sorted. Lost so much money because of this issue!! Help!

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@UserJessicaK apologies for the delay.
You need to contact our Deezer Support Team and provide all the info about the double charges and one of our agents will help to sort this out for you.