My Deezer account is being used by someone else

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Hello, I keep finding music saved to my favourites and playlists that I have not set up or even listened to and also saying someone is listening the same time as I'm using my account. I have tried resetting my password, logging in and out and still having these issues??

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I'm having the same issue - every time a song ends I get this error even tho the only linked device is my phone which isn't using Deezer. Can you please reset all my logins? (Its insane a user can't do this themselves...)

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Hey there @Vakuchie, if changing password did not help, then please contact our Support here! 


I keep getting a message saying my account is being used on another device when it isn't and now i can't listen to any of my music

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Hey @scott5507

try following the steps in this article 

if you continue having the problem please contact our Support here! 


Hello deezer, 

ive the same problem,

apparently someone use my profil, I already had this problem 10month ago….can you fix it?? It’s really annoying.

Your network is it secure? I’ve lot of doubt now and to be honest I’m thinking to go to Spotify.


Same problem, deezer family. Someone connects, usually with an android device. I disconnect this device and it reconnects under another devicename.I’ve changed the password, but he keeps reconnecting, seems to be someone from Israël looking at what he/she plays.

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Hello @Vakuchie

Please contact our Costumer Care team and they will help you secure your account: