Deezer Desktop App - does not keep me logged in and too many Captchas

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For some reason the desktop app (OS 😵 doesn’t keep me logged in, so I periodically need to sign in again.


Doing so requires spending 2-3 minutes clicking on pictures of traffic lights and fire hydrants.


This is absolutely ludicrous behaviour for a *desktop* app. Honestly, the desktop app shouldn’t auto-logout at all. If you are so worried about robots, then switch to 2-factor authentication or something.


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I want to STAY LOGGED IN every time I open Desktop app after logging in to the app for the first time.

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I understand, but sometimes you get logged out and need to login again via browser.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

I understand, but sometimes you get logged out and need to login again via browser.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

10 pages and 2 years of comments culminating in this? ^

Sheesh you may as well have said “This is how we made it, oh well.” 😂

Half of this problem is just the captcha thing which is literally a toggle on your website.

Let’s go over some UX examples:

“I want to play some music on my computer!”

Open Deezer → click play
(2 clicks)

“I want to play some music on my computer, but I have been logged out!”

Open Deezer → click login → unlock Bitwarden → autofill → click login → reopen Deezer → Click play
(7 clicks)

“I want to play some music on my computer, but I have been logged out and have to perform a captcha!”

Open Deezer → click login → unlock Bitwarden → autofill → click login →
perform the captcha → reopen Deezer → Click play
(12 clicks minimum)

Yeah, taking a 2-click process and making it a 7-click process is bad UX. Take that already bad experience and make it twice as inconvenient? You’ll lose customers for that.

If your “security measures” make your product three times more difficult to use, you should really reconsider your implementations.

People can’t even wait 5 seconds for a website to load, what makes you think they’ll pay $15/mo. and jump through hoops just to play music?

If you fix the captcha issue most people would probably cut you slack on getting logged out all of the time.

Then again, after 2 years the comments clearly show that patience is wearing thin for both issues.

If you are reading this just uninstall Deezer for desktop and go to → Your browser settings → install site as an app (PWA)


Why not signing in within the app? I can do it on Spotify without needing a browser and Spotify keeps me logged in every time I open it.

Friends, it’s really annoying and a bad UX. The desktop app is already behind the mobile version and this doesn’t make it any better.

No clue what kind of token auth system you use, but don’t expire the tokens when they used at least once a week. I don’t mind if I have to click on login after not using it for a few weeks, but if I keep refreshing my session on a weekly base it really fucks me off. Every fucking monday. Every!


P.S. if you want to make the account settings secure, add a second auth stage

  1. authenticated → can play music and stuff
  2. just logged in → can edit account settings, payment settings, etc.

Keep it simple, keep us logged in.

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The Windows app login issue is so annoying that I have uninstalled it. I don’t have the same problem on Android and there’s no good technical reason why it should happen. I have followed SOFRONO’s advice and installed it as a Window’s shortcut. I get exactly the same user interface and functionality without having to login because that is handled by Chrome.

Deezer team - you should really reconsider the decision to have the app drop the login session after a period. This does not happen with your competitors and, after having shopped around three of them and finally landing on Deezer, I can tell you this is the number one most deficient thing about the basic software experience you provide.


Here’s a user story for your team: As a Deezer user who has the app installed on my personal machine, I want the option to remain logged in indefinitely in the desktop app so that my listening experience is never interrupted.


Well well well. Many months later and still the same old carry on about this authentication problem.

My recurrent login issues have been solved by moving house.

It’s beautiful. The music doesn’t stop. I’m so much happier.

I’m actually rather pleased that Deezer fail happened to me.

pffff.. I connected even my google account to my Deezer account and I still receive this error. What I can do to connect on the app? I changed password, nothing works….

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The desktop app connects to the Deezer account on your main browser. Can you all check that your are connected to the right Deezer account on web? 

I am getting totally pissed off with the number of times I’ve got to click of motorbikes, bicycles, buses, stairs, cars, fire hydrants before I can access Deezer. I think I’m off to Spotify.

Is someone from the Deezer team reading this thread? If yes, please replace the Google reCAPTCHA with somewith more modern. A Captcha shoud impact the UX as little as possible. Have a look at “Invisible reCAPTCHA” or even better: “Cloudflare Turnstile”, “hCaptcha”, etc.