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Remember last position / track or album played (wherever left off)

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@drcpw I moved your post to this feedback topic. Please vote for this idea 🙂 We'll update this one as soon as we have an update from the team 🙂
Any update on it? It`s been a while since I started using this app and stills facing following example situation:

"Start a 60 minutes podcast, stop at 37 minutes and close the app, when I open it again, the podcast start at 0:00 and not 37:00."

Specially for podcasts listeners it`s a pretty bad experience to need to find where did we stopped last day, usually songs do not have more than 4 or 5 minutes, so it`s not a really problem that it starts at 0:00 but for podcasts...

Also, I don`t think it`s a complex implementation for 7 month (the oldest post that I saw about it).

I use Deezer for different situations, eg working and running, and I listen to different types of playlists for each. If I stop my work playlist and begin my running playlist, I would like the position in my work playlist to be stored, so that when I return to it, I don't have to restart the playlist and have some of the songs repeated. Like different modes or profiles which each has a playlist memory.
I hate always that I reopen Deezer app and I lost the last position.😤
This is my only complaint. All the rest I love😍.
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Hi @ilana7 I have moved your entry to this one, as it is what you are suggesting. I can say that we are currently working on this, hopefully it'll be available soon 😉
Flo.Deezer wrote:

Hi @ilana7 I have moved your entry to this one, as it is what you are suggesting. I can say that we are currently working on this, hopefully it'll be available soon ;)

Awesome, thank you 🙂
Came here to request that Deezer picks up where I left off on a playlist.. It eats away at me knowing I'm missing great tracks on a Playlist I love..

One thing that irks me is when Deezer support say's (.. should work on it SOON).. My day job is in support and highly advise not saying "soon" or any time frame if it's not the truth.. it just keeps the customer on pins and needles.. My wording advice is say it's a good idea and you'll keep an eye on it.. with no time frame.. it still stings from the customer perspective but at least we're not given false hope.

Please implement this functionality. It is not a feature, it is basic functionality from every audio or video player.

My blu-ray player, streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Video), old CD players, my 14 year old iPod - all remember last position.

I swapped to Deezer because the Tidal app is just so atrocious (I suspect due to awful product managers and off-shore development team(s)).

Deezer is great, and so far literally the only niggle from the iOS app.

Your local angry developer 😉

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Hi! With cross device functionality would be perfect, this "remember last position". (for example: when you arrive home and want to change listening deezer from phone to your home device)
I'm really sad to say that this issue is driving me back to Spotify as soon as this month's Deezer subscription is up. I can't believe nobody at Deezer has bothered to address this more than a year after OP. Just basic functionality. Real, real shame.
how this isnt added feature yet?