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  • 27 October 2017
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I use Deezer quite a bit, but I find I have only a few real use cases when I do:
  • Listening to something specific
  • Listening to mix (of an artist) or flow (my favourites)
  • Listening to new releases
Flow is great becuase I can just put it on an listen. But I thought it might be nice to have some sort of slider/fader system that allows users to "mix" the flow compositions.

I like new music, but sometimes I want to limit the number of "new" tracks I expect to see within my flow, and sometimes when I do a mix on an artist, it would be nice to get more new "new" music.

When I say "new" here, I don't necessarily mean new releases, but artists or songs that I have listened to or found or favourited (not sure which will give the best result yet).

Anyway, it is an idea.
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Hi @shaw sorry for the very late reply. I have moved your entry into this one as it is kind of the same. Please vote for it at the top 😉
The Deezer algorithm plays it too safe. Whenever it's free to suggest a track it plays classic, middle-of-the-road rock. I like - even love - that music, but I have enough of it, and it keeps on offering the same tracks, again and again. (Yesterday: Fairy Tale of New York. Today: Bohemian Rhapsody then Fairy Tale of New York)

I also dislike that I can't tell it that there are certain artists and genres (pop, R'n'B, house) that I have no interest in ever hearing. The "Deezer recommends" panel on the homescreen has *NEVER* recommended anything to me that I've ever wanted to click on. That's impressive.

Unfortunately the Deezer bot plays the popularity game and assumes that the highest-selling artists (or perhaps the ones that have paid for exposure?) are the ones that I want to hear.

Look, I know there's no chance of any action ever being taken on this - I just want to vent my frustration. (My suggestion will be implemented right after Deezer brings in folder support for playlists... haha. 🤔) I'm just waiting for my 6 month free trial to end, so that I can go to Spotify.
Oh yeah - that's another thing that will be implemented before my suggestion above... gapless playback.

You can find requests for that since 2012. But don't worry everyone, Deezer will pass my thoughts on to the relevant team. Might even happen tomorrow... 😂
In addition to modifying options like favorites vs discovery, I'd like to see an option to limit repeats. I end up skipping the first 5 to 10 songs every time I start Flow because it's stuff it just played a day or 2 ago. An option to not repeat for at least a couple weeks would be awesome.