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We absolutely need Dark Theme on Windows app. On mobile it's great, needs to be on windows too.. I work at night usually and the rest of the apps are dark, so when i open it up I'm literally blinded for a few seconds (like a flashbang grenade). Plz add it. THANKS
Let's add another design (dark theme) for Deezer for specific users.
What you think about that?
I myself think that white theme sometimes hurts my eyes.
It sure would be nice if this app had a dark mode. As it is, I have to minimize it while it's running because it's basically a huge, glaring white box on my second monitor as I sit in my dimly lit study at night with everything running in dark mode.

I suppose that I could operate Deezer in a browser window, where I could get rid of that white, but then what's the point of even having a standalone Deezer app?

Also, it would look better to me if the album art was larger in the display while displaying the Queue mode.

Hey guys, I'm *considering* switching to Deezer from Spotify (mostly for the integration it seems to have between my Denon receiver and Alexa) however the lack of a dark mode is a glaring oversight. I have a 100" projector screen and the Deezer app is BLINDING. Pls. Fix.
Night mood...please
PLEASE add a dark skin to settings in deezer

I wouldn´t switch, as they obviously don´t care about the demands of their customers. It´s been a year since this thread was started and they don´t even bother to reply to the comments anymore.

Shame on you deezer....
"To launch a product, the most important thing is that it answers a personal need"
-Daniel Marhely

The irony lol
dark dark dark dark
For temporary solution, you can give Dark Reader a try. The player does look great in dark mode!
You might need to add deezer.com into the invert list as Dark Reader will change the style for all sites when turned on.

It does work on browser version only.

Im not sure why simple things like this havent been implemented yet.
This is something that does no harm and makes consumers happier.
Why are the developers taking their time with things like this? We get no updates as to weather it's even being worked on, this is something easy to add.
Obviously there are 1000 bugs to fix that havent been over the years and probably will never be fixed with the speed things are going but it still shouldnt take that long.
Still no dark mode? Some random chrome plugin fix this in a day, and you can implement this simple task for one year. Shame!
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