Repetitive "Shuffle my music" // keeps playing the same songs

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Hi there, it's just how it works! Our devs are aware of it and hopefully it will be changed soon! 😉
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The response should be ‘its just how our app DOESN’T work’.  People have been formally and informally complaining of this for over a year with zero response. It’s among many Deezer “features” like random massive volume swings (useless leveling) or countless ‘live only’ or ‘cover’ versions of songs instead of original artist high quality studio recordings. Only the handful of folks at Deezer seem to have trouble understanding why the rest of the world finds these issues problematic with streaming music services. 

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Hi @timh we are very sorry that the “Shuffle my Music” feature algorithm is not perfect yet. I can assure you that the feedback has been passed on to the product team several times. They had to focus on other features but I just asked for you again and will let you know as soon as have more info.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you simply shuffle your favourites, listen to your Flow, listen to the new playlist Top 2019 :wink: or shuffle your own playlists on other days for more variety. 

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Indeed, Favourites > Shuffle My Music is pretty shocking.

Even if you want to keep that broken-ish feature as is, why can't we get an additional button for unlimited, uniform distribution random play on the whole favourites library? You could even let the users (opt in for advanced features and) write/manage multiple custom shuffle rule sets (e.g. true random on my lib but without metal or classical, true random on my lib but jazz only, etc.).

NB: I’ve also noticed that there are sometimes (not hard to repro) short sequences (say, 3-5 songs) that are repeated (once) during shuffle (shuffle > (...) a b c d e f g d e f g h i j k l (...))

I get that the devs are hard at work on tricky scale/streaming problems, but you could spare a few for UX / to build some direly needed features.



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Hi there @marc.perrin 

Thank you for your constructive feedback - I'll be passing it on to our devs. In the meantime, I suggest you checking our ideation forum here :thumbsup_tone2:

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I've been using Shuffle My Music (web version of Deezer) / Flow (web) / Shuffle My Music (but on the Android app) a lot during the lockdown and I still can't fathom how it's such a mess (well actually, I work in software, I can, but that's not the point ;-))

  • You'd think Flow would pick stuff outside of my favorites, and Shuffle would not, but no, actually the 2 (well, 3) features seem to do
  • Even worse, Shuffle sometimes seems to go where it pleases, ends up playing like 80% outside of my favorites…
  • Song picking algorithm does not produce good results to me, it basically behaves like I have 100 favorite tracks instead of 1000 albums, too much songs in common in one shuffle session vs. another one...
  • Shuffle on Android somehow seems a bit different vs. web (a little less repetitive (?), also does not have an “end” (i.e. next gets disabled at some point) like the others), but maybe it's just me...



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It isn't just you @marc.perrin, we've had similar feedback before :wink:

I'll be passing your comments to our teams here at Deezer so they can look to improve the shuffle bit - thank you very much for your detailed reply :v_tone2:

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I was shuffling the nice Caribou 1000 playlist below and a couple of times the same tune would come up.

May be the algorithm could actually randomize the 999, 998, 997, etc remaining songs instead of shuffling the 1000 again and again.


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Hey @frefre 

Thanks for letting us know. Could you please clear the app's cache to see if it helps?


I have an issue with this as well. The first song keeps on repeating whenever it ends and I try to change it. I have this issue in both the app and the website. My laptop is a Lenovo YOGA 710 and I use google chrome.



Yep, I have been having this issue for a while, I stopped using deezer for a bit as a result but thought i’d give it a go. In any playlist the first song plays fine, then no matter which song I play next, even one in a different playlist only the first track plays. In fact no other track can be played until I close the programme and restart.

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Hi there @iainhart87 @Cforever1 

I've replied to one of you on another topic. Are you on a free or paid subscription? Is this happening on desktop or mobile?

I'd be grateful if you could provide further details so that I can help you!

Im using the desktop app on windows 10. Free subscription but I honestly would not consider upgrading as the service is essentially unusable for me.

I can search for songs and when I click play, it will usually play the track but I then cannot play another track until I close the whole programme down. If I try to play another track it will repeat the first track again. On mixes it wont let me play any subsequent track nor will the player automatically play any subsequent track. After a while the play button stops doing anything and I cant play any tracks at all, at which point I quit and find something on youtube.

A while back I complained about the hyper volume you use for adverts. I know this is a seperate discussion but is anything likely to change there? Also the only ad that plays is the ad for deezer premium, which is insensible considering the advert volume is a huge barrier to me supporting the service by subscribing since I consider it unethical, intrusive and annoying.


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Hey Iain, @iainhart87 

I honestly appreciate the concerns and I have good news.

Please keep an eye for 4.33.1 when it's released for you and let me know how it performs!

I'll pass on your feedback about the adverts.

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Problem! - Reaction! - Solution! 😊👍

Try out my brand new app, called SkipTracks, that I have just released on Google Play. Sorry, there is no Apple version.

I hope that SkipTracks helps with these problems. If you would like me to add new features to the app, or even if you find something that doesn't work on SkipTracks please don't hesitate to contact me directly, via the email link on the Google play store.

Ian Symonds

Developer of SkipTracks

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Thanks for sharing it here too @Ian.S 

In addition, our teams are working on Flow improvements so I hope all this feedback is taken into consideration before we get there :relaxed:

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Thanks for sharing it here too @Ian.S 

In addition, our teams are working on Flow improvements so I hope all this feedback is taken into consideration before we get there :relaxed:

It's a pleasure. Many thanks Rudi. I'm constantly working on SkipTracks to make it better. 🎵

Have a great day everyone. 😊

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It's feedback like yours that makes this community a better place, Ian @Ian.S 

Have a great weekend and keep us posted :relaxed:

As other I don’t like flow as it keeps playing tracks that I don’t like.

So I’ve created list of my 2250 favorite tracks and then I shuffle them.

However many tracks are played again and again and some are never played.

Can you please use the history of the played tracks to avoid playing too much of the same track when shuffling favorites?

Can you also please add a discovery slider to flow? The idea is that if discovery slider is 0 then only favorite tracks are played and if the slider is at 100 % then only non-favorite tracks are played (but based on the recommendation depending on the favorites).


Same problem here. Not only do I get the same artists, I don't hear songs from artists that I have added to favourites. I've favourited a wide range of music but all I get is 80s again. 

4 years later since this thread was started and i’m still getting the same songs over and over in my “infinite” flow… not sure what’s going on, but there are millions of songs out there, and my flow is not interested in bringing very many of them to me…  do i misunderstand how it’s supposed to work?



Same here. Flow plays the same corny 70s, 80s and 90s songs. Many aren’t even in my favorites and I wouldn’t normally play them. It does this no matter which device I use (eg, Google Home mini, iPhone, iPad), so I know this isn’t a “clear the cache” problem. I work in software, so I know that even a simple random number generator would pick a more mixed variety of all the songs, albums and artists I have added to favorites. I was hoping for a mix of songs/artists I like plus others that are new to me. But I get the same old corny list of 50 or so songs over and over again. Why should I continue to pay for this terrible software?

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Hello @interlard have you checked this?: 


Hello @Jaime. Could you please be specific? What is it about these 2 new Flow modes that you expect to fix the problem I described? I’ve already said that I get a mix of favorites and non-favorites. It’s not the mix of these 2 sets that’s the problem. The problem is only the same tiny selection of songs are played all the time.

The problem is only the same tiny selection of songs are played all the time.

This should no longer happen in flow discovery mode. Songs played there come back after 28 days at the earliest.