Long-time Spotify Premium user - why should I move to Deezer?

  • 28 December 2018
  • 13 replies

Hi all,

I've been a paying Premium user for around eight years now and am pretty happy with it but I'm open to discovering new things. What are the good reasons, in your opinion, to shift to Deezer?

13 replies

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more tracks than any other streaming service 🙂
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For me (I was with Spotify a while back) Deezer is better also because...

  1. Flow - just ace to hit when you don't know what to listen to
  2. lyrics built into the app
  3. songcatcher (the same as Shazam ) built into the app
  4. works with Fitbit - you can sync playlists to your watch and listen offline without your phone
  5. nicer interface (when you "like" a song it puts it under favourite songs, if you "like" an album it adds it to your albums but DOESN'T put all the songs in your Favourites songs (unlike Spotify does - very annoying!).
  6. better community forum on here 🙂 (my opinion obviously! ) 🙂
I could go on.. I moved over 3 years ago and never looked back.
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If you are into FLAC streaming, Deezer offers this now in the new desktop app besides specialised HiFi gear. The web player and the mobile apps do not offer HiFi audio quality yet.
I would say none. Deezeer has only buggy apps and horrible customer service.
Checked out Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and Deezer over several months. Moved playlists between them.

Deezer by far the best! Same reasons as Rob Igo.

PS. FLAC is incredible. Goes beyond words.
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About 53mio songs in complete catalogue, but "only" 36mio songs in FLAC, so not everything streams at HiFi quality. That is why an indicator for the current audio quality of a track in the desktop app would be good. You can vote for a related suggestion in the Ideas section of this forum. I don't know if competitors like Tidal or Qobuz even publish their number of available songs in FLAC though.

Spotify ran an internal test about a year ago asking users how much they would pay for a monthly HiFi offer, but nothing happened afterwards, except for closing the existing idea of FLAC support for local file playback in their desktop app (not for FLAC streaming which is still one of their most popular user requests with more than 11k votes). Deezer does not support local file playback in their desktop app at all, so if that is important to you for mixing your local files with streaming songs on your playlists, Spotify has an advantage over Deezer. On the other hand Deezer allows uploading of your MP3 files which Spotify does not. Furthermore Spotify's desktop app can play local M4A files with ALAC content, i.e. the lossless format by Apple which you can easily convert to from FLAC with free tools.This only works in Windows 10 though (also when ripping CDs with WMP), because it has an internal ALAC codec now which Spotify uses for decoding in this case. So Windows 7 users cannot do this, but maybe MacOS users can, don't know about that.

Deezer also is the streaming site available in most countries of the world, next is probably Apple Music, then Spotify. YouTube of course rules them all.

Two other Spotify advantages over Deezer come to mind: gapless playback of connected tracks and dark mode for the GUI. You can vote for related ideas here as well.
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Hi @bluezzbastardzz

Great bit of research there, mate 😉
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Thank you, I just found another Deezer advantage over Spotify: lyrics in karaoke style shown for available songs in the web player and desktop app, don't know if they also work in mobile apps. Spotify offers this as a test rollout in some Asian countries, but not worldwide anymore since they had cancelled it years ago.
5 features that make Deezer much better than Spotify.

1) The most useful by far for me is that you can find other versions for songs that have been retired. For example, if you have on a playlist a song from an LP which has been removed by its record label you lose that track but maybe the same song can be found on a different album ("Best of" or whatever). Then Deezer offers you the possibility to change the removed title for the version existing in the database.

2) Upload MP3: I haven't read much about this feature so I don't know the space allowed for this feature but I find it really interesting in order to preserve your music. I've uploaded an entire album that I missed due to changes in the agreement with the record label, so now I can listen that album again (just me, of course).

3) HTML5: I prefer to use the web instead of a standalone app since I don't need to install anything and for me is important that Deezer web support HTML5. Spotify only support Flash, which is really awful and has a lot of security and performance bugs.

4) Apps: maybe this is not the best point but there are a few interesting apps for Deezer, Spotify changed their politics about plugins and no one works anymore. For example, you can import Spotify list with Spotizr in Deezer, but you cannot import any Deezer list in Spotify.

5) Advertisements in Deezer free are infinitely less annoying than Spotify.

Bonus I: lyrics have been mentioned before but I cannot resist to do it also, it is one of the things I missed more in Spotify since they threw the plugin system to the thrash.

Bonus II: I've seen many improvements during the last year in Deezer but there is no significant one in Spotify. Not only that, they don't publish change logs any more so you cannot know what they are doing with your computer after an update.

Bonus III: Privacy concerns in Spotify are really alarming. They collect a huge amount of data from users. A simple search on the net will throw posts commenting this.
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We have an active Reddit community as well! Reddit
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to me deezer has the best interface. spotify i find it tries to predict what you want to see first but it fails. deezer is more standard i know where to find things. also i think music discover deezer offers more options. inspired by flow gives you multiple playlists based on genre and unlike spotify it is mostly songs not in your library. spotify has 6 daily mixes but when you look closer its 70% of songs that already are liked in your library. so this is not discovery but more just a mix of music you already like with a few new ones in there. i tested this and found it to be surprisingly accurate. spotify has discover weekly which does a decent job but its not nearly as many songs overall as deezer gives you with its daily mixes that are not in library. i like how on deezer mobile app you can like songs right in the playlist as opposed to clicking a hamburger menu and then selecting like. you can see right away if those songs already are in your library or if they are new. give deezer a try

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For me (I was with Spotify a while back) Deezer is better also because...

nicer interface (when you "like" a song it puts it under favourite songs, if you "like" an album it adds it to your albums but DOESN'T put all the songs in your Favourites songs (unlike Spotify does - very annoying!).


Not anymore Rob.