[FEEDBACK] What do you think of "Flow"?

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Hi all,

We wish to collect some of your feedback on Flow, that's why we are opening a new dedicated thread for you to share your feelings on this feature.

Do you like it? Why? What do you think we are missing?

Please be as detailed as you can in your comments, cheers!

hpguru 2 years ago

I was also at first disappointed with the recommendations, but you need to learn Flow.  Play play play, everything you love and give hearts to your favorite songs and playlists and albums, add as many of your favorite artists and play play play and ban artists you don't like and Flow will soon catch your note.  I am very satisfied.  But you have to make friends and devote time to it.

Yes, indeed. Let it learn.

On first day lame, now it is much better than Google’s Feeling lucky which was okay, but always played same favourites over and over and over again. On Deezer I hear new tracks, new favorites, old classics over and over and over again. Today I paid ONE YEAR in advance for this great service.

Pay 10 months and get 12 months is their annual discount. I paid years for Spottily and then GPM receiving no discounts for loyalty. This is my new home for hard dance music since 29.06.20.

They gave me option to keep 2 months I already had trial. They suggested next time I need to cancel with them, go free, and buy annual again with discounted prices unless they give better ways.

I like flow, I like mixes, this service is good bargain at 99,90 a year for this amazing quality.

It works like a charm when something is great.

This is great, worth to pay.

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Until now I’ve been very dissatisfied with Flow, but today it seems to be working pretty well.  It is playing a decent range of good music.  It still doesn’t quite do what it claims (“and new discoveries”) though - mostly playing songs I already know well.

Whether “new” is supposed to be outside the era of my favourites, actually new or unknown songs from the era, I am not sure …  but on the rare occasion it does actually play something I’m unfamiliar with it is usually pretty bad!  (I do wonder if bands do deals with streaming services but I will say no more about this.)

If it played more “new” material I would be happy with it.


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Sigh… having said that, it is now repeating like crazy.  There must be thousands of tracks to choose from and it keeps playing the same ones.


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Hey @soakes

Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

I will send it to the right team. 🕵🏼

Take care!✌🏽

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I think there is a technical issue with Flow which is causing a lot of the song-repetition angst.  It’s hard to describe under what circumstances it happens, but sometimes it starts repeating the playlist, as though you’ve just started it from scratch.  It will play exactly the same songs as it has already played, and in the same order.  What causes it to restart the playlist I do not know, but it happens.

The problem is exacerbated when you have 2 devices.  You might stop playing Flow on one device, then get in your car and play it on your other device and it will play all the same songs that it has played before.  I get the impression it pre-loads the playlist rather than selecting a new song after each song.  Worse, it doesn’t seem to keep track of which songs have already been played, so it will play them again.

whatever you've been doing to flow as ruined it for me. it no longer plays a variety of music just plays the same crap I've listened to already. liking or unliking favoriting stuff doesn't change this era of music it's stuck in no matter what I do it doesn't play what it's been playing what just feels like last week or so. flow is unlistenable every song is something I've heard or pulled from the same era with no variation undo whatever you have been doing to it.

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sorry to hear this @gutsman52, can you try following the steps in this link? 


i’ve done everything already to try to “improve my flow” or whatever it didn’t change ANYTHING. It was fine like a week or two ago it was my favorite part of deezer now it only plays the same crap over and over there is no variation of music genre it just plays the same stuff i’ve heard 1,000 times already. It use to be the thing i got new music from now its the thing i hate to hit play on. I’ve liked songs in different genres, unliked songs in others and just about everything that has been suggested it doesn’t do jack. 

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Have you tried our track mixes @gutsman52

Try listening to thise for a while and then go back to Flow