Playlists keep refreshing/ jump to top song

Each time I lock my phone, the playlist I'm in (i.e., my favourites) refresh/ jumps to the top. This requires me to then, scroll down through roughly 2000 songs to get to the location I last stopped at before locking my screen. How can I fix this ???


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I just want to give an update on user experience.

Firstly congrats on the new UI it's so cool.

The problem mentioned in this forum has been partially fixed with the new update.

When you are playing a song in favourites and press on the 'currently playing' tab at the bottom which brings up the the album art screen, you are able to return to the favourite tracklist and the position will not have changed, this was not the case with the previous version.

However the issue still occurs that if you close the screen or switch to another app, you are returned to the top of the favourite tracklist.

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Update after update, even with new skin the problem is still active. Easily reproducable if you open the current song and open the lyrics, close them and swipe down to the list... Its on the top, every time. 

Everytime I activate Bluetooth deezer starts to play music in the background, the app isnt even open and you have to open the app details to force close it. 

And after 3 played songs the fourth wouldnt start and the app shows an error message. 


Sorry to say, but these bugs are there forever. Deezer seems to have the badliest developers of all music streaming apps. 


It's the lack of response that gets to me. To be honest I will give them another month, and then i think i'll just switch to spotify. Why put up with such a huge issue for so long, there is a method of transferring your songs directly to spotify. It's not like we are getting the service for free.

Before, i loved how i could find new tracks with track mix, but recently i have started using Beatport streaming, and they allow you to follow labels which pretty much gives you access to a far greater music library.

I was going to continue using deezer and beatport, but if the issue isn't resolved in 30 days, it's Bon Voyage. 

You've been great to me Deezer, but lack of communication over such a huge issue has worn out my patience 😔


😂 just scrolled up and saw that we started this conversation 4 months ago, quite incredible.

I think they had everyone working on the new UI and completely ignored this huge problem.

I'm not having any issues regarding bluetooth, or songs not playing. 




I have a quick solution to this issue if the developers would implement it.

Can you add a feature which allows all off the songs in favourites to be copied to a playlist.

The problem doesn't exist in playlists and it would be so helpful if this was a way we could listen to our songs while the problem is being fixed.

Please please please can this feature be added, as I have over 4000 songs and finding songs has become an absolute nightmare, especially when i'm being an astronaut 👨‍🚀

Thank you for your time 🙏

Had this same issue for ages now. Just got a new phone running android 14 and the same problem is still there. Previous phone on android 13 had same issue.

Going back to my list of albums when browsing my music and it keeps jumping back to the top of the list…Very annoying when you have a large list to scroll back through.

Seeing how long this has been going on for I guess Deezer don't know how to fix, or just don't want to!

Time to switch to Tidal?


Cheers Ferg, a fresh commenter might get this some attention.

I only have the issue when scrolling through favourite songs.

I gave a solution above and it hasn't been implemented, so it seems they don't really care, i think to implement code that would allow to copy 'favourite songs' playlist would take a a few hours if even, but they seem to be content with us having the issue. 


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Hello @ferg8 @Neilo1991 apologies for the absence of feedback on this topic.

I tried today to replicate on the Deezer Beta 8.0.7 version and standard version 8.0.5 and I couldn’t reproduce the same issue. But maybe I didn’t made the same steps.

Open lyrics, block the phone, closed the app and every time I came back to favourites list it was on the same place where I left.

So please can you confirm if from our side you can still reproduce the issue and would be great if you could share a video in case the bug persists.

In that case, share details about your device. Model, Deezer version installed, OS version. 


Still seeing this issue. I'm using a Oneplus 12 running android 14. My old phone was an Oppo Find X5 pro, firstly on Android 13, then upgraded to 14 and had the same issue on that. My Deezer app version is

I navigate to favourites, then download albums. I browse the list and choose an album, but then decide to carry on browsing my album list. When I select back, I'm sent to the top of the list rather than where I was on the list previously.

This is a real pain when I have a huge list of downloaded albums.



This is driving me insane now, with matters made even worse due to other issues meaning I had to delete all my music and start over.

Browsing a list of 1000+ albums only to be sent back to the list every time is now unbearable 🤬

I have to say that the support received seems very slow. 

It's not like this is a free app, I've been paying for this for many years now, and the HiFi subscription isn't exactly cheap!! 💰💰💰

Has this issue even been fed back to the app Devs?

Edit: I've just read back through the previous posts and see that Deezer admin referred to this as a bug, this was 6 months ago, and it's still not fixed 🙀