When choosing a song, a random track starts to play instead

  • 24 October 2018
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It started only recently. But when i want to choose specific song sometimes it happens, that completely random song starts to play, insted of the one that i picked. And after i press on the song that i wanted to play again it's okay.

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32 replies

At me it started about a week ago :c
Yep, same here. Since a week or so. I choose a song and it plays another random song. When i choose the song a second time all is okay. Frustrating. Btw i am on android Note 9
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Hi Everyone. Usually this happen when you have a free account, but not suppose to happen with Premium subscriptions... Please, reinstall the app and let me know if it helps!
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Hi Everyone. Usually this happen when you have a free account, but not suppose to happen with Premium subscriptions... Please, reinstall the app and let me know if it helps!
I have premium subscription and already reinstalled the app. It didn't help
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Hi @taat_a can you give us more details on which device this is happening and check if you are logged in with the right email address? I can see nothing wrong withy your account.
Normally when I click on a song in my favourites, on an artist’s page or in a playlist it would play the song that I had picked, is there a reason why this has changed? I know on Free accounts the song randomly shuffles once it finishes but even on a Free account, clicking on songs would play them as normal.. gutted to have lost this feature 😕
I am a free user an from yesterday every time i click on a song (even when i search for that song not necessarly on a playlist) deezer plays something else. How can i fix this?
I would like to know why every time I select a certain song, another one is reproduced (I am not premium) and before that I played the one I chose from my list
Hi Everyone. Usually this happen when you have a free account, but not suppose to happen with Premium subscriptions... Please, reinstall the app and let me know if it helps!

Does this mean it is no longer possible for a free account to simply choose a song?
Coz that'd make the search totally useless then.
It keeps going to a differnt one I want to listen to the song
Yesterday I could choose the individual song I wanted to listen to on iPad, but today it says I can only listen to a playlist in shuffle mode. Why is that?
Why hass my account changed from my original account without me signing or agreeing to change anything. Since my update on my mobile went through Deezer has changed the access to my account. I use to be able to pick songs also shuffle my play list that i created for different things like my kid's playlist and now when i play their list it plays one kid track then rap music that i wouldn't allow my kids to listen to with swearing in. Not impressed.

Here when I click to the first track the second one is started playing

On the second → the first one

On the forth → the fifth one


You also need a bug report section. I caught a few bugs lately.

This is very annoying behaviour from paid service! I can’t play specific track. Random one is playing.

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Hi there @Bogdan Chadkin 

Thanks for letting us know. In what device/OS is this happening?

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Hi, it’s browser version. I do not use apps yet.

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Hello @Bogdan Chadkin it sounds like you are simply logged into the wrong Deezer account - a Deezer Free account. Please log out and then log in with your Deezer PREMIUM email address and password. 

Then you can play the songs you want to play :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need any further help.

Shitty service for free users. I would not buy subscription if I see such behaviour. Ad every few minutes is enough motivation to buy subscription. Broken service demotivates completely.

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@Bogdan Chadkin you have a Deezer Premium account. 

Please make sure that:

  1. You are logged into the correct account
  2. Your Shuffle Mode button is deaktivated
  3. You do not play a track mix

If the problem persists, please let us know where exactly you click on, so we can help you further. Thank you

Actually, this doesn’t work. Try to:

  1. open “Top Tracks” of any artist
  2. sort them by a popularity (e.g.)
  3. try to click on a track

A random one will be played. This is so annoying! 

macOS + App Version 4.27.0 (

I had same issue, but with lists.  After a while I saw there is a way to turn off random, however when I go to another list it gets back to random by default. Annoying.


Suggestion: Put the random selection button near the play button while in list view, as for now I have to change screen to remove the random and then back to list view to confirm it is off.

If I play a specific album it seems OK, so far I see this behavior only with lists.


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thanks for your feedback @cvcby :relaxed:

Hi, I am member of a premium package, and suddenly I can’t play a song i want, deezer will play any other random song, I AM PREMIUM, and still, can someone help? it’s very frustrating.

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Hello @julio_rosu this is a well known issue with Family members in the US.
Our team is investigating in order to find a permanent fix and you can enjoy all your Premium features again.
Apologies for all the inconvenience and I hope it is fixed soon.
Thanks for your patience

Thank you, you don’t know, it is really frustrating. I had not problem at the beginning, even though I have my independent account but being part of the family plan. But suddenly one day it stopped working, so I deleted the app, but my friend has paid all these months for the family plan just for him and me, so I’d like to fix the problem so I can come back and use it. I really hope you can help, thanks so much for replying. @Jaime.