Try our remote control and let us know how it works!

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Try our remote control and let us know how it works!

You've asked for this feature and since then, the wait has been a long journey. Our community pet peeve for a while, starts to get shape in our platform… :iphone:

Welcome to our remote control feature! :boom:

It's a great privilege for me to announce our initial test launch, for iOS users who are on the beta version of the app :minidisc:

You can now use your iPhone (or iPad) to control our desktop app, the Deezer web app, another iPhone or iPad.


How to access the remote control feature? :telephone_receiver:

You'll need to have the beta version of the Deezer app on iOS: 

  • Install the “ TestFlight ” application on your device
  • Click on this link
  • Once the beta version is installed, activate the feature in Labs, within the app's settings
  • Find it in the audio output settings of the player

Note: some users may get access to the feature directly from the Deezer Labs on the official release app (not beta)


:loud_sound:  It is essential that you test the feature and let us know your feedback, so that we can turn it into a fully-functional one in the near future. We need you so comment below:nerd:


Any idea when this feature will come to Android (even beta would be fine)? If I continue my subscription is based on this feature… Love Deezer except for the fact, that it’s missing this feature.

Am I correct that if the feature passes the user test, it will be gradually implemented into other devices such as streamers, tv, wireless speakers, etc.?

I have no idea how to pair the different devices. I have the desktop app and music is playing there. Now I start the app on the iPhone and go to the "connected devices". Searching ... no result. All devices registered in the same network.

Cannot wait to test it in Android :)

At the moment they are only devices with OS (operating system). This functionality is designed, for example, for amazon’s echo? (controlling a speaker is what a lot of people really want) 🙏🏻

To control the web version, Deezer Labs must first be activated in the settings ( ).

Desktop app for Mac cannot be controlled yet. The settings are missing here.

You're indeed correct and much faster than me @dee_dirk I had asked the same question from our devs, and they told me to activate on Labs in the web app too! Thanks for sharing :pray_tone2:

@Placido09 @Inad74 that's the idea. We develop the technology and the way to integrate with our apps, then we can add more and more devices, in the near future :relaxed: it'll take time but we'll get there!

@FridoDasBrot @Armiixteryx we don't have a timescale yet, but our devs are working on it at the same time. Hopefully we'll have more news on this in the next couple of months - but I'll keep you all posted :hugging:


This is great news Deezer!! I’ve been waiting for this a looooong time and I’m so keen to test it out!! well done Deezer! a step further for being the best streaming app out there!!


Turning on the remote option fromLabs within web version also should make it possible to control the desktop client. 

Given that there are vastly more devices running Android, I’m surprised that wasn’t first.  Nevertheless, it’s great news!

Given that there are vastly more devices running Android, I’m surprised that wasn’t first.  Nevertheless, it’s great news!

May be „easy to do“ on iOS is the reason… ;-)

Trying to play my loved songs freezes the IOS app and crash it. However other playlists and the flow works just fine. 

Seems like the delay is dependent on the playlist size.

Yes @Superschlumpf @DrEvil :sweat_smile: it's technically more accessible - but bear in mind, it's to get the feature out as soon as possible, so that it can be a reality.

That's amazing ! Can´t wait to test it on Android ! Thanks !

Desktop app (Win / Mac) also works. The setting for the remote control is taken from the web version.


Edit: Ups, @Superschlumpf already wrote that. :no_mouth:


No problem to mention again, Dirk. Because before it should have worked, but now it really works. ;-)

The deezer client apps are shown on iPhone by name of pc/mac. 
Webversion uses the browser name. 


Sometimes there comes up an error message. I don’t know why… 

And sometimes you have to confirm remote control again after skipping songs. 


Thanks for sharing the feedback with us @Superschlumpf that's great! We'll keep on improving it.

Just FYI for everyone, the desktop app version which will enable this for testing is 5.30 :relaxed:

 I can’t add a song to the queue, if remote play is activated.However with remote play off i can add the song. Also through the browser (the device i’m listening on)  i’m able to add the song.

Thanks for this @SkyFerrariTiddie seems to be one more thing we need to tackle. Probably a limitation we still need to develop. Keep the feedback coming!

I also can’t find the desktop app from my phone. My PC is visible in the network from my phone, but it can’t find the desktop client. It recognizes the web version just fine. Also when connecting to browser, the currently playing track is restarted, is this intentional?

Controlling the volume with volume keys can be jumpy at times. If I click the volume button multiple times it goes back to its original position (volume) or sometimes back and forth like it’s lagging behind. It also happens on the in-app sound control sometimes but not nearly as annoying as using the physical buttons for some reason.

Also adding that I tried using this like I use other streaming services, let it play on my PC and went to bed. It seems that it loses connection as I use other apps on my phone.

Deezer desktop app (Windows): 5.30.0
iOS version: 14.6

When I am listening to a playlist on my iPhone and connect to this iPhone with my iPad, the current song is skipped and the next one is started.
I would expect that the current song is continued (because sometimes I want to “like” this song, which is not possible if this song is skipped).

iOS/iPadOS version: 14.6

And again Deezer is going out of their way to develop features for the 'rich' minority of their users (iOS users)

While Android users are waiting since years for basic features such as Crossfade. 

Do you guys actually believe every Android user owns a cheap phone? Let me tell you that mine costed me around 1200 $. 

Hi there @Harmonie as you can see above, it's getting developed for Android too, we can just release a test quicker on iOS.

And there's nothing to do with price. For example, if you were a developer you'd understand the differences in developing apps and features on both systems. It's always a technical decision - an example of that is the fact Apple only supports a couple of versions of their OS which work on similar hardware. Android is made in numerous versions, for the high end device you purchased, to the other side of the scale, from different manufacturers. I trust this clarifies the matter.

Hey @raoulK @neechee thanks a lot for the feedback, I've passed it on. The teams might come back to me soon with a few questions, I'll let you know!