Deezer and Chromecast Audio problems

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they've just deleted the longest thread on this topic!!! dam, this is getting bad.
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Hey @John.Morrison

No one has deleted topics. Our spam filter and tools had to be increased in sensitivity due to the constant spam attacks. Some of our most popular topics have been broken due to spam but we're currently working on this. Thanks for the patience!
I have several speakers and a HiFi receiver that use Chromecast. Having a HiFi stream was a great a solution for my setup. However, the Deezer application is not stable with Chromecast. By the way the only way I can enjoy HiFi streaming from Deezer is to cast it via Chromecast. So, with a poor solution for an issue long ago raised I am going to have to leave Deezer and go to Youtube Music. I was hoping to avoid that, I am happy though that I had 30 days to test this out as I will now be canceling my subscription. By the way I was set to pay for an entire year with one payment, looks like Deezer loses that $.
Hi, I am a Deezer user since July 25th, 2011 and most of the time since then, a Deezer premium user, with a few pauses when I used it less.

I never thought about switching to Spotify because I was a happy and satisfied customer.
Unfortunately now I want to be able to stream uncompressed (non Bluetooth) music to my speakers. And that's where your partnership with Chromecast comes into play. Which is I guess non-existing.

There is absolutely no way you can advertise that Deezer works with Chromecast, unless you mention a 20 minutes limit with it.

I am here just to post that I will be leaving Deezer very soon if the Deezer - Chromecast issues are not resolved, because that's what I as a customer require now, and it isn't supported. Plain and simple. No complaints against Deezer, just a shame that it doesn't support Chromecast.

This may be a conflict of interest issue between Deezer and Google, but then don't advertise that Deezer functions with Chromecast. I contemplated upgrading to the Hi-Fi package had a functioning Chromecast support be a reality.
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they've just deleted the longest thread on this topic!!! dam, this is getting bad. 😉
If the screen is always on, CCA stream doesn't get interrupted and is working as it should. Of course, this will drain battery rather quick, but it's worth a try until Deezer fixes this problem.
Yep, agree 100% with everyone else. I have Deezer premium, and suffer dropouts through Chromecast Audio (only via toslink to my DAC - not when the CCA DAC is used). Also agree with 'loading' issue - files can sometimes take ages before the CCA starts streaming.

I've been considering upgrading to Deezer HiFi, but not until I could sort out the dropouts issue. I thought it was my wifi at first, and was even looking into range extenders. Then luckily I tried a free trial to Tidal HIFI. This streams much higher bitrate flawlessly with no dropouts and no 'loading' delays. The problem is 100% Deezer.

Judging by this thread, it looks like this issue has been known for a long time. Am surprised you guys have let it go on for so long.

I've been a loyal Deezer user for years now. Hope you guys can fix it soon. Until then, I'll be using Tidal HiFi. Hope I don't have to make that switch permanent.

I tried a free trial on Deezer hifi today, and the problems started immidiatly with dropouts when l cast through chromecast audio. And then l found this thread. Deezer I'm out.
I'm a deezer hifi subscriber too but I have to go... I don't know what streaming service I will use. That's a pity.
I'm facing a lot of "crackles/clicks" while I'm listening Deezer on my Chromecast audio. If I remember well, ir started in last December. Before I thought was Chromecast, but it is not, since I used Spotify on it and has worked fine. Please, you should take a look on that. It really makes me sad 😕
I've been using Deezer for two months and have all of the issues described on this thread. Using Android 8 and a Chromecast Ultra. Deezer will buffer then fail to load audio. I have to force stop the app constantly to fix it. I've got music played with artifacts. Static, pops, distortion. I have very sensitive ribbon tweeters on my speakers and it's quite worrying they might be damaged from the pops.

One other issue not mentioned is the volume of playback lowers the more buggy the software becomes. Again a force stop fixes it.

Deezer is the most bug ridden software I use. It's crazy to read how long people have had these issues. I'm canceling and going back to another service.
Can someone from dev department giv us update on this issue solving progress? If not - looks like you are doing nothing. Am I right? If this is a google problem (that could be possible somehow) why dont you tell us or propose any other alternative device that you could support?
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We have to report this with some hifi magazine like whathifi or something? They deserve to get bad press. The only way to move this two year issue up.
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Hi there @John.Morrison @Igor Petrushevskiy

Thank you for your support and for your patience. The last update we've got about this and the whole Chromecast experience is that we're rethinking the whole feature. I'll give you more details once I've got more concrete information about this. Thanks in advance.
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@Rudi I am assuming (hoping) that you are customer support and nothing to do with the technical side of things? If that's the case please can you go and give your fellow colleagues a thorough "shake" re this.
Taking too long...
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We did that @m5n0w and we're also working on new ways to 'shake' them up more effectively too 😅 that means to improve the communication between our community managers and developers.

Everything in our communities gets reported to the makers and decision makers, so it's just a matter of fitting priorities with the resources we have. And that's why we use our ideas forum to raise awareness to the suggestions our users want to see, for example.

With Chromecast there are several topics about the issues we've got so we passed the stage of awareness. The information we've got is that we're working on it from scratch, rather than fixing one thing at a time. In other words, we know we've got to get it right but it'll take some time.
Just cancelled hifi subscription for all the above reasons you should sack your app development team
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Just cancelled hifi subscription for all the above reasons you should sack your app development team
Rise up people! I did the same..... to hell with this.
I've read many topics about the problems with Chromecast Audio and I'm suprised that the Deezer people doesn't do anything about it. Of course, we all had wanted that streaming to Chromecast Audio could be lossless but for the moment I could have lived with the current bitrate.
But I can't live with the unstable connection to Chromecast Audio. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time when choosing a new track, the message "Reading data... almost finished bla bla bla" appears and it is never finished. If I turn off the Chromecast Audio, the track works fine.
I'm in a trial period and if the Chromecast Audio connection isn't improved I have no need for Deezer.
It's very sad, because I really like Deezer and was about to skip Spotify.
Now, I have to get back to Spotify. Their Chromecast connection works fine.
So, my question is: Why don't you Deezer folks do anything about it?

Well it's always nice to see I'm not alone. This issue has been going on for ages in the tech world. I'm wondering if Chromecast and google are not messing up with deezer as it just doesn't make sense for such a service in 2019 as you mentioned earlier. Or maybe Deezer want to release their own cast device? Which I'm not going to buy. I've been using the service literally since the beginning, but this is a deal breaker.
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Thank you for your honest feedback @Mau. I'll direct your comment and the above to the team responsible for this. I'm sorry our app isn't fulfilling that feature as you expect.
I also have issues with Chromecast Audio and Deezer. (the endless "almost finished" message...)
There is no such problems with Spotify, Tidal, or Google Music, so I guess it must have something to do with the Deezer.
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We're aware our Chromecast integration isn't up to the right standards at the moment. But it's been worked on. Thank you very much for your input and honest feedback. We'll keep the topic updated once we get more info 👍🏼
I use Deezer for a few years and liked it way better than Spotify, but the problems with connection with the Chromecast audio will perhaps make me eat my hat and move to Spotify or some other alternative.

Sometimes it works after 1 or 2 close and re-open the app, but most of the times the bloody "loading, almost there just a few seconds" thing keeps on forever.

I am using a Pixel 3 and a chromecast audio. About to move to a competitor after many months of unresolved issues.
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Hi there @Ricardo Labes

Thank you for your honest input. We're aware our Chromecast experience could be much better, but we're honestly working on it. Keep your app updated and please bear with us if you can. We hope to have a better integration soon.