New logo: Explanations 💜

  • 10 November 2023
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New logo: Explanations 💜
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After the announcement of the new logo and the new identity of Deezer, we took the time to read all your comments and feedback in order to address your concerns and understand your feelings

Opinions are very divided and several details were pointed out, including one that came up quite often: Why did you choose a heart 💜?
One comment cited there is a more distant connection to music compared to the old logo


The beating purple heart simply represents love and passion for music. The shapes of the logo vary to signify musical rhythms. Its movement and pulsing quality directly reflect the essence of music and the human response to the listening experience, much like a heartbeat.

Another question was “why did you decide to change everything/what is the purpose of this new identity?”

Deezer helps you “be and belong,” going beyond streaming to empower fans, artists and partners to express themselves and connect through our products and services.

Refreshing our visual identity is essential as we enter this new era for Deezer. This allows us to connect emotionally with music fans, artists and strategists through visual cues that let people know that with Deezer they can experience music, not just listen to it.

The choice to have prioritised this change was not the best, it would have been good to strengthen the user experience rather than degrade it.

Satisfying our users experience is indeed crucial. Development and modification choices can be complex, which means that the change itself was so significant that some bugs crept in during this transition. All have been flagged by our developers and technicians, who are already fixing these errors.


The identity change will be present in all future app updates. We hope you will adopt the new design and enjoy the new Deezer experience.

We adopt this new identity with pride, and although not everyone likes it yet, we still hope to find a place in your hearts 💜.




528 replies

As a long time user of Spotify premium i found it hard to adjust to the simple design of Deezer, that's when I started thinking that it might be a good idea to do a UI redesign. Just to give Deezer the modern feel it needs instead of looking like Itunes from 15 years ago.

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I can understand why the design from Deezer and Spotify are different, but for me using Deezer instead of Spotify is because of the design. The simple design of Deezer is far better than the busy design from Spotify. But this is always in the eye of the beholder 😁

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I don 't like your new design . can I switch to the old one?



Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Deezer. It's my go to choice for music, however deezer's new UI is truly a crime against humanity. 


Please, deezer devs make a switch in the app that allows users to choose between the new and the old UI.


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It really is bad. And rather than adding new things, they took stuff away! You can't see the album release date anymore by swiping the album cover. Instead it just makes the album cover slightly smaller… wtf is even the point??

It really is bad. And rather than adding new things, they took stuff away! You can't see the album release date anymore by swiping the album cover. Instead it just makes the album cover slightly smaller… wtf is even the point??

Yep, It is completely undesirable from a User Experience standpoint. Giving the user more features is not a bad thing, taking stuff away from customers / users is bad.


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New logo doesn't represents and identify me, you should let people choose, at least the color. Now I have to move the app because it looks awful in my principal display. Really considering now to cancel it and get Spotify.

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So the new interface is, subjective. Personally I don’t like everything this rounded, its a weird round-squary shape, I’d prefer someone just making a choice. I don’t like how the fonts aren’t consistent. I don’t like the font used for a playlist name, but the more clean font that I’d prefer still is at other places. Also player background still often mismatches the actual album cover.


Apart from interface changes, which I would like to see be more user selectable, the useability got worse.


  • The most simple thing: swiping down to hide player. Why is that gone? It’s such a nice fast way to see the playlist or album again. 
  • Other thing, favorite tabs should have recently player or recently updates playlist without requiring one additional press to go into the complete playlist list.
  • The sorting option also now requires extra clicks
  • When adding a song on Android to a playlist, scrolling through playlists doesn’t show the a letter (A,B,C) but Sectio...}}}]).



Also, I’d love monet theming. Plus there is still no decent widget for Android, this was the opportunity. 


I love Deezer, I defend it every time people ask me why not to use Spotify, for me it’s the little nice-to-have’s and intuitive interface that really worked. I’ve been using it for longer than I can remember, and the HiFi quality is an added bonus. This for me a overall step in the wrong direction. Yes, the look is subjective, although I think it is objectively half-done. But the useability did suffer today. I hope that the team once again, listed to feedback and can change some stuff or make it optional in settings.

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Just made a similar topic, its really not well executed. The look is just wrong, feels half-baked. Plus like @EricP said, a lot of functionality got worse. I don’t like the player buttons, this weird bubbly stuff really looks a bit childish, and that whilst the industry is moving to a more clean design (Google with Material You, and Apple realy going for tha frosted look again). I’d love Deezer to reconsider and give users more choice. Keep this the default if you want it to be the look for most users, but at least give use the option in settings. I’d love a monet toggle on android.


Also my friend thought it was some funky dating app with the new icon.

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agreed. just kind of strange like it doesnt fit with everything else i have. maybe thats what they were going for but its like purple heart to me. i thought the old one was fine why did they change?

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The logo is the worst. i had to change it in my app drawer to just something else because i do not like looking at the purple heart there everytime i scroll through apps. i thought the old logo was fine and got the job done.

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This conversation is for all give your opinion about the new visual identity of deezer

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The main font you are using for the headers is literally the fortnite font which is very popular and hard to disassociate.

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I kind of like the design, not the logo though. They absolutely have to bring back the “shuffle my music” option on their mobile apps, the latest update killed it.

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  My opinions about the new design:

  1. The new font of the title is horrible, it looks like a children's app or a Halloween edition;

  2. Logo looks like a dating app and the design is an aberration, on PC I can't see the details very well and the animation when starting up looks like a bat;
  3. The user interface is ok on Android, but it has problems, the Favorites tab shows three songs from my Favorites, but I prefer to see my Playlists first to Favorites (if possible, create an option to change the order of this);

  4. The UI and UX on Windows app doesn't work properly;

    Home UI

    Red Section: No longer slides the name of the song or the artists.
    Blue Section: Sometimes it doesn't show the playlists, just to create them and could have an option to change the size of the covers or remove them (like on Spotify).
    Yellow Section: It could be resizable (like in Spotify) and remove the Favorites and Downloads shortcuts (this could only stay in the Playlists section) and add the search shortcut in their place.

    Similar Artists UI

    Has A lot of space on the final of covers.

    Oficial Deezer Playlists

    Now Deezer playlist covers are ugly and very weird.

  5. All the bugs that have already been reported are still present in this new version, including some are UI issues, like these buttons.

    This buttons never worked on Windows App.

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The main font you are using for the headers is literally the fortnite font which is very popular and hard to disassociate.

I knew I'd seen this font somewhere, I just couldn't remember where, now I know it was in Fortinite

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Adding to the list, they still do not ship an Apple Silicon version of this app for Macs. In one post here, one of the CM of Deezer said almost 1 year ago that they were working on a “new desktop app”. I’m guessing it’s this one, but it still does not support the Macs released after 2020 at decent speeds.

I think the design is ok but the previous was fantastic. What I liked about Deezer’s previous logo was how colorful it was and the incoporation of an equalizer was clever. I think purple was a good choice for a single-color theme, but I prefer the colorfulness of the old one. Also, the new icons seem too cartoonish for my liking.


One thing that I’d be surprised if anybody likes is the layout of the new favourites tab (using iOS app). The most recently liked tracks at the top is fine, but the playlists section takes up so much space and displays the most recently added (not updated) playlists. If you’re like myself and have a few ol’ faithful playlists that you listen to regularly, it’ll be annoying to find them now since there’s no way to change which playlists are displayed.


I personally don’t see the benefit of this update. At best, you can do most of the things you used to be able to but now in purple, and at worst you have to retrain your fingers’ muscle memory in order to find what you’re looking for. This just feels like change for the sake of change more than any tangible benefit.

Because of my screen size, I am unable to scroll down from playlist image to song or button to start the song, the image doesn't cover whole page, but player + image do. Therefore, I am forced to go to horizontal screen, to reach it.

Temporary option to get back to old design is a good idea.

I appreciate the will to keep things fresh though.


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Who has decided, thai I find it OK with a purple heart as a logo for Deezer?

Why can’t I choose my own skins and layout on the web applikation??

This few things is enough for me to find another streamer than Deezer!!


Any one with the same problems?

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Hope this feedback will get to the product team.
As a product designer, need to admit - my favorite app looks awful now, starting with logo, fonts (some styles are missing in other languages), mess with the icons (different line width and proportions). Previous coral color was much better than new purple (distracting eyes). All UI elements are bigger - no free space left. UI is too crowded.

Think it’s  time to fire your design lead. Please bring back old version or make toggle to switch.

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The font design is really unfortunate and the whole thing looks quite cheap right now.

The comparisons to Fortnite UI are accurate.


Also I think not having the favorite albums, tracks etc. available right on the front page is an outrageously bad UI choice.

For me the FLOW things are absolutely useless and now take almost half of the front page.


The familiarity and minimalism of the user interface were the only things keeping me on this platform while constantly being bombarded by Spotify links from my friends.

Please fix.

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I agree. The new logo looks awful, the old one was much nicer. Why not let us choose?

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Also agree here,


The app itself looks nice but the logo does not