Error: requested content is not loading/fail to load content

Error: requested content is not loading/fail to load content
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:cyclone: Endless loading? If your phone app isn't loading the tracks or it's stuck with the message "Error: requested content is not loading", don't worry :smirk: . Try the steps mentioned below.

After each step, try playing the music again. If it’s still not working, go to the next step.


Steps for Android

  1. Restart the app (kill the app and remove it from the notification bar)
  2. Try another network (4G or Wifi)
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Delete all the cache & data from the app (Data and storage, and then “Clear all”), then restart the app
  5. Un-install the app and re-install the app

Steps for iOS

  1. Quit and relaunch the app
  2. Try another mobile (4G or Wifi)
  3. Empty Smart Cache
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Clear the app data
  6. Delete the app and reinstall it


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Ya me ha pasado varias veces esto. Necesito una solución que no vuelva a fallar. Gracias

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Since the update, I can’t access any song if I’m not on wifi or using mobile data.


What you’re suggesting is that we clear cache and download all the songs in our playlists again…


Is there any other fix than this?

Buen dia estoy ingresando ñara escuchar mi musica y no me deja en estado de desconexion solo me deja escuchar con conexion a wifi y a mis datos , y mes a mes medebitan de mi tarjeta de credito , me ayudan a solucionar mi problema ....gracias

Ever since the update I can't play any of my downloaded songs offline

And on my deezer app it no longer shows the "my music" option there at the bottom 

Can I get help on this

On my phone - the recent update caused all the songs to not be downloaded. So I re downloaded them all and it worked. Worth checking!

Ever since the update I can't play any of my downloaded songs offline

And on my deezer app it no longer shows the "my music" option there at the bottom 

Can I get help on this

All my songs were downloaded -I didn’t trellises the app changed this. Just check they all downloaded. 
Or what worked for me before was turning offline button on settings on & off

My app is was fine 2 weeks ago was fine could play my downloaded songs with no problem without internet but now will not even load if I don't have internet signal. If I start playing while I have Internet it starts to play but as soon as I go offline it freezes after 3 songs.

I have android(Huawei) with the version and have also upped the cache limit and do not use sd card

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Hi yep having same issue,  all was fine yesterday now, if off line get message.

Error : failed to play.

You can't access this content as the app is currently disconnected .

What can I do to change this.

Have logged out and back in several times and still not working


Not happy paying for service I cannot use :(



Same problem here since Saturday, I think there's an issue with the update and hope it gets sorted quickly 

Also same issue, can't listen to downloaded songs in offline mode. This is the error:

Please advise

I have the same problem, not sure since when.. I found out that most of my 4g abonnement was toen because of deezer over the past few days.. 

No me cargan las canciones que ya descargue. Que sucede con la App? Si se supone que, si uno descarga las canciones o álbumes y sin datos o Internet la puede seguir escuchando. 


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Hi all,

Thank you for reporting the offline/downloaded issue to us, our devs are working on it. Please check for app updates, and if there isn't any for you yet, try changing the audio quality settings to Balanced and redownload the tracks :thumbsup_tone2:

I am unable to access my downloaded songs when I am offline. I keep getting "Error loading content". I have read your fix to clear cache but this delete all my downloaded music. Honestly there should be a better way to fix this problem than deleting my over 3000 songs and downloading them all over again. It costs money. 

I have deezer family, my problem is that all the songs from my mp3s that are listed in a playlist are not downloaded with the rest of the songs in the downloaded playlists. This was possible before but not now.

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Hi all,

Thank you for your input and patience. Could you please download and install our hotfix version and let me know how it performs? Also, does the problem happen with random or the same songs?

@Rudi After installing the latest version, app keeps constantly crashing on opening. Previously I couldn’t use it properly offline, now I can’t use it at all.

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Hello @qwertyfinger we are sorry to hear that. 

Could you please perform all of these troubleshooting steps again - in the order mentioned:

Please keep in mind this will remove any downloaded songs on this device, but you can easily download them again afterwards, from your “My Music”.

  1. My Music >>> Gear Wheel JiE3V4t.png>>> App Settings >>> Smart Cache>>> slide the blue button towards the middle of the line.
  2. If you are using the battery saving mode on your device please turn it off for once and try to test Deezer again.
  3. My Music >>> Gear Wheel JiE3V4t.png>>> App Settings >>> Disc Usage>>>Clear All
  4. uninstall Deezer
  5. remove the SD card
  6. restart your phone
  7. reinstall Deezer (available on Google Play)
  8. open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist and play one song
  9. reinsert the SD card

If you have any further issues, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Or. Here's an idea. Make an app that actually works. This app used to be really awesome. I have been a subscriber for 5 years and it used to be my favorite music service now it has too many issues. Each update seems to just break the app more and more. And they expect people to pay 10 dollars a month for this? Really? We are paying 10 dollars for a broken app! 

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Hi @CoolBot98 we are very sorry to hear you have experienced so many technical issues. The Deezer app is actually working. We need to update the app so it is working with the new hardware and the new operating systems. I can see that you are still using an outdated Deezer version. Could you please follow all steps mentioned above your comment? That should fix the issues 🙂 Many thanks

I have been with Deezer since before, it was Muve Music. Been with cricket 15 years. This is the ONLY time I detest being a customer because it is not being resolved and all these goofy steps of uninstall, tilt your phone this way and restart, it is getting old. Why won't the Deezer owners or staff take care of these easy fix hickups? 🤔


I have not been able to use Deezer at all today, it just “downloads”  something.. and says: Wait, it only takes few seconds..”

Well, it has been couple of hours now, I have switched my phone(totally) off, twise, but after I switch it on, Deezer keeps on “downloading”.

It started last night, when every second song did not play at all, I had to jump over and listen, then jump, listen, jump, listen etc…

So what the heck is wrong, should I return to Spotify??


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Hi @jhkm883, please have a look at the troubleshooting tips pinned to this topic, they should help you deal with issues you are facing.

Have a good week :slight_smile:

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Hi @flaze, thank you for your feedback and sorry that you feel you are having a bad experience with these troubleshooting tips :disappointed_relieved:  We understand it can feel frustrating, we hope to be able to solve these issues in the future and improve the user experience of all smartphone users.

Have a nice week! :slight_smile:

I can't stream on mobile. It works fine on my laptop, but I can't stream via the android mobile app. It says: 'Error: failed to play. The requested content is not loading.'


Please help.