Group/sort playlists/albums/artists/genres into folders

It would be great if you could group playlists like into folders
Agreed. I have a lot of them and folder would make it much easier to navigate

  • My favourites have become a huge mix of different music genres. I'd like to be able to tell Deezer to create playlists made from all tracks that are in my favourites, based on a theme or genre that I select.
  • I'd love this on my mobile devices more than anything, but I use the web player as well, could be useful there.

When I'm out and listening to Flow or a mix via my mobile phone, to save myself time, I commonly add a new track to my favourites (by tapping the heart icon), instead of adding it to a specific playlist. I always promise myself that I'll go through my Favourites and break them down into playlists based on genre, but have I done? No.

My favourite has now grown to 350+ tracks (and it show no signs of stopping!) that are a huge mix up of different genres and they're all added in no particular order.

The problem with this, is when I playback my favourite tracks I'll often get a surprise when I'm listening to a chilled out track and then the next track is dubstep, it's just a bit over the place. I love all the tracks, I just wish I had an automatic way to group them together by a theme or genre when I want to listen to them again.

I'd love to be able to tell Deezer to create a playlist from the tracks in my favourites, based on a genre, mood or perhaps several artists (like with channels), so for example I tell it to create an EDM playlist and it searches my favourites and collects all music from that genre and creates a playlist for me.
An essential feature. Agreed.
Hi Katatonic, your idea is great! I think, we've all been there or will be there at some point. I'm curious to see what other users think, especially about the moods part. 😉
I'd like to be able to group tracks into an atomic entity in a playlist so that it's treated as a block.

For instance, classical music CDs often contains severals pieces (Operas, Concertos, etc.) and it would be nice to be able to place not only single tracks in a playlist (keep that option!) but also groups of tracks that should be handled as such (e.g. shuffling the playlist shuffles the tracks and groups but keeps the tracks in the group ordered). As a result, the playlist contains several entire Operas that can be listen to in a random order but without playing the tracks within an Opera in a random order 🙂
I have long list of Artist and want to group (or order) them by my own custom parameters (for example, by style, by music type, etc). I know that I can create custom playlists, but in playlist I can add only single songs, not the whole artist, so I must add each new song from artist manually each time.

Is there any solution for this task - group/filter artist list by custom user tags?
Yes! More of that!

The same applies to Albums, and Playlists: provide us with a way to group/sort/arrange them.

Tags, Folders, whatever.
Yes, I have also this need: to be able to group Albums and Artists by custom created tags. As example, I have 4 albums with Christmas songs, each of them starting with different letter as album name and every time I want to jump between them I need to scroll between the long list of albums. This might be acceptable on phone or tablet, but when I am in my car and drive, this not longer possible, specially when using Android Auto ( it's not allowing to browse in Deezer during drive, I have to stop the car for changing an album).

Best would be to create a tag, add the albums there and be able to start a normal or random play from all the albums.

Looking forward for your reply Dezzer.

Hi @Hoo Boo, I'm happy to pass this feedback on to the team. But since this is a quite specific request for classical music, I can't promise that this can be implemented in the near future. I will keep you posted about any updates 🙂
Hi Anja, thanks for the reply.

It's not restricted to classical music: think about audio books, or any kind of subset of tracks that you would like to keep in some specific order.

Even if it were: I hope you don't discriminate classical music ;P If there is a fear to clog the interface, the feature can be accessed from a more obscure menu.
[title] - Create subsets of albums in my album collection

[description] - I use the favourite tag to create my collection of albums. I would like to have the possibility to create sub collections of albums. For instance a collection of albums to try out. And a collection of favourite albums.

[platform] - all
Hi! Me too - I want to create a favourite playlist per playlist - if that makes sense. Any idea how?

It would be very nice if it is possible to group similar playlists in a folder, now it is one long list of playlists.
Good idea, but you can actually search playlists by musical genres. I've only seen folders in Itunes with Apple music
How about assigning tags to your playlists?
Add tags? I have looked for this option, but can't find. In the search field I can enter tags.

Is it possible to tag my own playlists?

My question regarding folders was related to playlists I liked, not my own playlists.

Any suggestions?
@Bert Apologies, I wasn't very clear! I was suggesting that adding tags would be a great feature, if we are not able to utilise folders. I don't think we can do it currently.
Ah @mhomer182 now I understand 😀 Yes, that would be nice too!
Hi there, sorry for the late reply! I'm of course not discriminating classical music 🙂 In that case I understand your feedback and we'll pass it on to the developers. I'll let you know, should there be an update 🙂
Hi @fouintainsofparadise sorry for the late reply, we are working our way slowly through this forum now. I have moved your comment to this existing topic as it was already discussed here. We have passed it on to the team, we will let you know as soon as we have an answer 😉
+1. I much prefer listening to entire albums rather than playlists most of the time, and as much as I love the feel of the Albums tab on Deezer, I find it to be an inconvenience scrolling through the whole thing any time I've kind of got a rough idea of the genre I'd like to go for but haven't settled on anything particular yet. I feel the ability to access saved albums according to some grouping criterion would do a fantastic job of enhancing the whole browsing experience and at the end of the day make it more enjoyable to interact with the app. A tagging system would seem like the most powerful solution to me.
Playlist folders would be great so that we would organize and categorize our playlists
@Bert Sorry for the delayed response. I've merged your idea into this existing one, just to make sure we don't have duplicates and are able to update all of you, when we have news about this :)

Thanks a lot for your idea! 🙏🏼
Playlist folders would be great so that we would organize and categorize our playlists

Hey there, I moved your idea into this existing one, make sure you vote for it 😉
I have a lot of cd's, and different kind of music, everytime I must scroll and search for a special disc... It would be nice if could search in my chapter Jazz for example....