Equalizer and Visualizer on Deezer Desktop App and web player

I think it would be cool if you could change the EQ of a song through the web app (like you can on mobile) and for their to be multiple visualizers.



I would like to have the possibility to use an equalizer for the new desktop app like it is in iOS app already.

May be it is possible to integrate this feature in newer versions of the desktop app?
I'm using Win7 and propably same desktop application with Win10 after a month.

Mostly, Deezer is one of the best. Make it even better and you find honest and loyal users. Equalizer to desktop app. Keep quality with the Deezer and you have for example me as your user.
Hi there, sorry for the very late reply.

Your suggestion has been noted 😉 Get more users to vote for it!
I really want this! I hope they can add this feature soon.
I voted, so what's the plan guys))
Just to know... How long does it take for an recommendation to be programmed in the Desktop app or the Android app?
If you remember the days of Winamp and CDs, you can hit ALT+K and open some extremely fancy visualisations. I think going a step further for the premium users to have home RGB Smart Lighting hooked up to it somehow through google home or whatever.

What would you guys think?
Hey there @Aldioniser

Thanks a lot for your suggestion - I've moved your comment here so that you can support an existing idea for more votes 😉
Would it not be cool if the MacOS desktop version of Deezer had an Equalizer option. Some albums needs to be tweaked a little. Please...
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Thank you for your input and feedback. I've moved your comment here so that you can vote for the idea 😉
Cool. I have liked the post. Hopefully you guys can make this happen. Prob 4000 layers of red tape to go through with the people at AppleūüôĄ
Yes! I votes. I use a lot of differnt headphones and IEM's.. some would nice if i can tune the EQ settings a bit.
Awesome idea
I think a dynamic visualiser would be awesome for the desktop app; one that directly responds to the music being played. Possibly one that can be made full screen so that when listening there are attractive funky visuals, maybe even different patterns available? something like this perhaps... - could be called party mode, that sort of thing. When plugged into a TV screen, it would look lit!

Exactly. Like aeon sound spectrum.

Or youtube video appart from animation.
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Can someone explain to me why there is no equalizer option in the desktop app? Whats the point of having a hifi subscription if i cant use the equalizer.

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Thanks for your feedback and support. This hasn't been developed yet, so I've moved your comment here so that you can support an existing idea. Thank you for your understanding!

Please Put Equalizer in Deezer player on MAC osx .. we need IT so BAD …  :blush:

As a side-suggestion, Boom is a good equaliser for macOS that applies to all sounds, not just Deezer. Not sure if there’s a free version though but it’s not expensive.

Hi there @suaramantra

That's a good suggestion, I've passed it on to our developers :wink:

We can't advertise for third party apps, @teqteq but I personally used Boom and I liked it too - very good. It's a paid app too.

Maybe you should ask the Boom developers for a discount code for Deezer users ;-) 

Hahahaha good partnership idea, @teqteq. Why not? Will keep that in mind when talking to our Partnerships Team.

Any update on a desktop EQ?