Add Dolby Atmos music

Please add support to this through the Windows 10 app or in the Yamaha AV receiver. As I have an Atmos AV.

Hi there, thanks for the idea! I'll pass it on to the right team!

Holly ****** :scream::fearful::astonished::astonished::fearful: I’ve tried it on an other platform, damn yes, bring it here !!! :bell:🚨:scream::loudspeaker:
Dolby music is far ahead of 360 Reality Audio, it’s a whole different league and more accessible.

While Sony claims their tech is compatible with every headphones, this is far from the truth.
On the other end, Dolby really works with almost everything without the need for an extra app.
And on top of that, it sounds way way better than 360RA, I have no idea what’s wrong with Sony.

This is fairly curious since both techs are based on the same audio objects base…
MPEG-H and AC4 could still co-exist on the same platform until a clear winner stands out.

I should also add that due to the limited amount of Dolby tracks in 2020/2021 and the light size of the AC4 format, please, if you ever consider adding Dolby, don’t restrict it to the Hi-Fi subscription.

Damn this idea!!! If Deezer can arrange this coöperation, they go straight on competition with Tidal!

Dolby is about to focus way more on music rather than movies. Artists like Schiller, Coldplay, Solarstone, Armin van Buuren, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande etc. are all producing Atmos albums!

Also include Atmos on the Deezer service of the Onkyo AV receivers. 

Hi, I get dolby atmos passthrough on my Sennheiser ambeo soundbar from xbox one x app and it sounds great, but chromecast from windows 10 and only two channels on same soundbar? Any clue anyone?

So now I'll plan to use two services - AM because Dolby Atmos and Deezer because Flow. Please add Dolby Atmos support to your service. Thanks.

Please add dolby atmos music, directly on AVR or via a shield tv, Apple 4k or cube tv, like Tidal does, not just for headphones (I don't use it). I don't want to leave Deezer, but I will if there is no plan to get atmos music, and don't tell me about 360 reality, I don't want it. 

This would be amazing, and it would really put Deezer at the level of many other platforms.

I would love to see Dolby Atmos music on Deezer. I have just upgraded my soundbar so it has Dolby Atmos so 360 music would be fabulous.

Yes - please add Dolby Atmos (since there are at least three rival services offering it now) - thanks!

Hi, please, add Atmos to Deezer services!

Having tested on Apple music, it is really a game changer.

Would hate to have to change from Deezer to Apple just because of this lack of innovative format, but will do if Atmos doesn't show up here.

Switched to TIDAL  enough waiting :(

I have been a loyal Deezer user for years, but I am considering to switch now because of Dolby Atmos. Pls let us know when Dolby Atmos comes to Deezer!

I had been a subscriber since 2014 but did not renew my annual subscription due to the lack of Dolby Atmos on Deezer. As soon as you add this now important feature, I will be back.