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Allow multiple logins for Family Subscription

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Finding posts about the inability for Deezer to support Family accounts on devices from two years ago now. The path to resolution is clear - use separate logins for the family members. What's also clear is, the amount of time this has been outstanding as an issue illustrates how little Deezer actually care (not at all).

All I can suggest is cancel and move to Spotify, because right now, Deezer on devices like Google Home, and Sonos is not fit for purpose.
Yes, I will be downgrading until this most basic of feature is added.
Today, there is a big limitation of Deezer on Alexa with a familiy subscription.
Only primary account is supported and there is no way to associate the device to secondary/Children accounts.
This creates a mess in listening history and flow in the owner / primary account.

For instance, my children are using Alexa and this change my recommandation flow.
I also want this - please add this feature!
Coenie Olivier wrote:

I also want this - please add this feature!

Don't we all. It's a mess. It's the same on Google Home and Sonos, and the problem with Sonos has been around a long, long time. Deezer don't care about this at all, they're just happy to take the money for a broken service, whilst claiming it works "as designed".

Best I can suggest if you have Google Home, Alexa or Sonos, and you don't want your deezer profile corrupted, is to drop deezer family and get something else.

For example, to avoid corruption to my flow and scrobbles, I have to retain both a Deezer music subscription, for me, and a Google Play Music subscription for the family to use on Google Home. It's utterly stupid, and if there was a good way to convert all my playlist and favourites I'd have left a long time ago.
Well, since it does not seem this is getting added any time soon, I will switch to Spotify. Who ever implemented this needs to rethink their career choice urgently. Sharing a login between multiple people is the definition of a privacy breach.
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Hi @Sirence

Do you use Netflix? Do you share it with your family? It's the same process... One login and choose your profile....

Though I do agree with you it's divided opinions if this is the best method.
Rob Igo wrote:

Hi @Sirence

Do you use Netflix? Do you share it with your family? It's the same process... One login and choose your profile....

Though I do agree with you it's divided opinions if this is the best method.

Yes, that is exactly the reason I do not use Netflix.
I it absolutely inexcusable that my family members have access to my account, can see everything I listen too, delete my playlists and change my settings without my permission. The kids can swap to my profile and listen to whatever they want, so much for the kids mode. Not to speak that the google home system only uses my account whenever somebody asks for music, which leads to a lot of fighting when something "inappropriate" like rock music comes on.

For Netflix it's the same, I tried a few months but had to cancel after constantly getting berated from my family about how everything I watch is junk, disgusting, not fitted for a woman and what I should be watching instead.

It is crazy how some companies think people deserve no privacy and everything they do should be accessible and controlled by other people.
I'm a family subscriber and have created a profile for my son.
However, there's nothing to stop him from switching that to my profile.

Would be nice if the setting was pin-protected or if i could add an additional pin to my own profile to protect it from being chosen
Voting on behalf of our entire family.
I think it's a big mess that I can't switch between my family accounts with Sonos, HEOS or other hardware.
Why the hell haven't you fixed the API yet?
The hardware manufacturers can't offer what DEEZER denies its paying customers and partners from the outset.
It's just the shitty API and DEEZER's unwillingness to accommodate its customers. I'm really pissed off and will probably switch to the competitors who, strangely enough, can handle it without any problems. I'm ashamed of myself for paying money for such badly programmed crap.💩
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Rhip wrote:

I have to say Spotify solved this in an elegant way.
Each family member has it's own account and you just need to invite the member to be part of the family. No need to know aboit the master account. Whish this would be same with Deezer.

That's the right solution. Everyone is keeping their playlist, no need to messing around with how to transfer playlist, favorites etc ...
Also, everyone in my family can go through my account, subscription ... not that I don't trust them, but kids can accidentally cancel or change subscription ... And everyone can see other account. You just select it. There is no privacy at all.
Hey Deezer - any plans to implement a change to this? I have the same issue - I have bought family for my kids to use on their google home speakers, but when they "play my flow" they get my music from the main account, not their own music. Plus as others have said, giving them the ability to easily switch profile and mess with my playlists is a poor idea.

After 5 years with Deezer this is a deal breaker for me, as it seems Spotify Family gives fully independent profiles for the same price.

Add ability to add different logins for each profile on family plans. By forcing everyone on the account to know the master password it lessens the security of the account. Also if I create a profile designated as "Kids", them having the master password allows them to simply go in and make it a regular account.

A better setup would be I add a new email address to the account, Deezer sends them a link to create a password and profile that the person sets up and also allows me to limit what the other profiles have access to.

In the current setup if I kick out my crazy girlfriend that lives with me i have to first change my deezer password before kicking her out of the house so she can't mess with my account, then she'll know I am about to break up with her when she can't login to deezer anymore, totally ruining the surprise.
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Hi @AtomB

Vote for the idea here 😉