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  • 1 November 2017
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Yes @Afiq NO Sawan

You're right, I apologise. The test feature hasn't been enabled for beta users yet. I'll update this topic once I get more info.

In the meantime, which device do you have? Have you checked Youssaka's comment previously?
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@Rudi ohh ermm okay. Hope to get it as soon as possible.

I’m currently using Iphone 7.

youssaka did not reply to my comment. So I’m not sure there is a deezer alarm app for ios. Yet.
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@Afiq NO Sawan

Got it. I think he only release it for Android, yes. I'll keep monitoring this and will get in touch once I get an update.
I got this idea. A new feature that allows you to set an alarm at any time you want and every time it sounds it would be a different song on your favourite or download list. I think it would be really cool to start each day with a new song.
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Hey @Joel Kid

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I've added your comment here! Please don't forget to vote to support this 😉