Deezer Alarm function

In the same way Deezer labs is testing a sleep timer, I suggest creating an alarm so we will be able to wake up with the sound of a music or a personal playlist.
Wonderful idea! 👌🏽 We'll keep an eye on this thread and will let you know if there are any updates!
Absolutly agree ! All the alarm apps that are available and let you connect to your Deezer account allowing to use only Deezer radio which means we can't choose our playlist .
Sería muy útil que la aplicación de los dispositivos móviles pudiera actuar o tener la función de despertador musical de manera que pueda programar la canción o canciones con las que me quiero despertar
Does deezer premium have an alarm/wake up feature?
No ,as of now no such feature is available.
Hi all

I hope it is OK I'm posting here . Couldn't find a better option .

Lately I have been learning Android development and decided I would like to develop an app that is missing to me - Alarm clock that imitate a playlist from Deezer (Based on your choice) . There are already some apps available but I couldn't find any reliable one ...

So , to begin this journey which I'm extremely excited about , I need your help in finding a name for the app. I have 2 basic conditions :

  1. The app name must includes All/Part of Deezer name
  2. It shouldn't be too long ( About 9 characters )

I have a few ideas but would like to get some feedback and other opinions . The names I were thinking about :






Thank you !
Hi, I moved your topic to got an Idea as I know that our devs are watching us here :)

Our developers are already working on this feature!

Loved your names suggestions btw! :)

Maybe we can get more names suggestions from other users?
It's nice that it is work in progress but there are a lot of features you are probably working on and who knows wheb it is will be available for the users....
Hello everyone! I would like to suggest a simple feature: the possibility to set an alarm to play music from Deezer at a certain time, just like an alarm clock. Maybe it could be the Flow music or even some preconfigured playlist. Thank you in advance if you could Oman to implement this.
Очень не хватает функции автовыключения по таймеру и будильника... Это бы очень скрасило жизнь многим) Я часто ложусь спать под музыку, но использую сторонние приложения с функцией автовыключения и их же настраиваю на будильник, что бы он начал проигрывать выбранный плейлист в определенное время)

This may be a stupid question but I've tried looking for an alarm feature. I thought it'd be cool to have some good tunes waking me up instead of my usual the normal alarm sounds.

Good idea
Hi @Mark Evans , we agree! hopefully our devs will be able to add this feature soon!
Why don't you create an alarm so we can get up in the morning blistening to any music from the app?
Hey @Savter I moved your alarm idea to this existing one, make sure you vote for it 😉
@André Stutz Soares I moved your idea to this existing one, just to make sure we don't have any duplicates and can updated everyone in the future, should there be an alarm feature available. 🙂
I have no other music on my phone than the music from Deezer but I wanna listen to my music in the morning to wake up! So why doesn't Deezer add an alarm function to make it happen?! I hope they'll add it soon!!!
I have no other music on my phone than the music from Deezer but I wanna listen to my music in the morning to wake up! So why doesn't Deezer add an alarm function to make it happen?! I hope they'll add it soon!!!

Hey Sue, that's already been suggested in the ideas forum. Take a look above and don't forget to show your support voting for it 🙂
How about building an alarm clock functionality into the Deezer app so that users can wake up to their favourite playlists and tracks? Just a suggestion.
The sleep timer is awesome!!! Anyone who listens to music/radio whem going to sleep, needs Deezer. So the next step is clearly an alarm in Deezer. Going to sleep and then waking up to your favourite station/tune in one app? It’s a no brainier for me and, an easy sell.
@Dukelowlee support the already existing idea with your vote! 🙂
I absolutely agree! Favorite music in the morning is the best way to start the day!

There should be “select the playlist” and “start with random song from playlist” settings, as well as flow, of course
You should make an alarm that plays a chosen album. So when you wake up in a morning you’ve got your favourite music on without having to do anything! That would be great for me because as soon as I wake up I put deezer on to get ready to do if I could wake up to it too that would be ideal!
So I was wondering why I couldn’t use my deezer music to wake up in the morning. I think Deezer should create an extention of the app where we could use a playlist to listen to in the morning. It would play itself ant wouldn’t be an annoying morning repetitive sound. This would make mornings way more pleasant don’ You think?
Yes, I think this is a really cool idea. Woke up this morning to a neighbour playing Celine Dion and I loved it and searched for a way to have Deezer turn on my phone and start a playlist in the morning but no app that met my criteria: can use mobile connection.

Good to know I'm not the only one looking for this feature.