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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Deezer

  • 19 October 2018
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I really do not feel secure with simple login / password based authentication. When will Deezer have 2FA for its application and account. If you are not planning to have this feature soon, for me this will be one reason to stop using this service.

10 replies

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Hi there, thanks for your suggestion! Deezer is working hard to keep our app very safe and I'm happy to pass this feedback on to our devs 🙂
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Thanks Rafael, Looking forward to a positive response from the devs. 2FA is the need of the hour.
Any update on this? The security is very basic on Deezer...
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No updates yet @Laconic but we're actively working on this and other features related linked to it. The community will get more news soon 😉
Thanks Rudi - I've had someone logged into my account using my deezer for a while now. Changed password and email associated with the account which has fixed it but would like more security baked in going forward.
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We all do, @Laconic. And for that, we need to prepare our infrastructure to support this. We've got our resources on this, along with the main features we'd like to develop for you and the rest of our users, this year. Feedback like yours gives great importance to the subject, and so we thrive on it.
Two step verification is always better than one step, so if possible then please move one with this topic. Thanks
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I regularly have music showing up that i have definitely not listend to. Once I change my password it's fine for a couple of weeks. I don't know why, but this is happening to me quite a lot and I really want that 2FA because I feel more and more unsafe.
I am confident that I do not have any malware on my devices and my passwords are all randomly generated so there's no way that they are being guessed.
I beg you to make this a top priority.
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Hi there @Rhunkul

Thank you for the feedback, we've passed it on to the relevant team. I've had a brief look at your account and it all seems fine. In the meantime, please keep an eye on this topic for tips 😉
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For what i've read here, it seems to be near 😮