Repetitive "Shuffle my music" // keeps playing the same songs

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I used to use FLOW all the time, but it played the same music over and over, sometimes one song would play twice in 15 minutes. When I recently discovered "Shuffle My Music" I was happy because I could see what was going to be played and it wouldn't repeat anything (at least not for the 50 songs of the playlist). However, "Shuffle My Music" still suffers from issues FLOW had, namely only playing one or two specific songs from favourite artists and playing the same songs every time. If I pressed "Shuffle My Music" multiple times you can be sure that 80% of the songs in any playlist would be in every other playlist.
So, my question: how do I fix My Music? How do I get FLOW or "Shuffle My Music" to have variety? How do I get more than one song from an artist (no matter how many albums and songs they may have) to play?

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Thanks @dee_dirk. That should solve the problem for a lot of people. Someone might want to add that information to the article (other than the comment you added). It’s an important fix.

I have found recently (in the last few days) Deezer is not playing the same set of songs each time I use Flow. What a relief! It’s not a big selection of artists (even when asking for less favorites) but at least they aren’t the same songs all the time.

Hi @timh we are very sorry that the “Shuffle my Music” feature algorithm is not perfect yet. I can assure you that the feedback has been passed on to the product team several times. They had to focus on other features but I just asked for you again and will let you know as soon as have more info.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you simply shuffle your favourites, listen to your Flow, listen to the new playlist Top 2019 :wink: or shuffle your own playlists on other days for more variety. 

Itis now 4 years later and the problem is not solved.

So I sorted on Track and put shuffle off thinking it Deezer will play in Track order… plays in A:bum order. How boring!!

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This still happens all the time, five years later. The same songs again and again and again in the same queue. Perhaps the French are again on strike. They charge more than anyone else but work less than everyone. Quite disappointing. I wish I could get a refund. 



It happens every day with the Flow on the web app.



Day after day my Flow repeats the same songs with the same algorithm = (one favorite (from dozens) of one band + one random song) + (one favorite (from dozens) of another band + one random song) + …. The most what is annoying is that the favorite songs repeats from day to day. I have hundreds of favorite songs, but hear the same too often?

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Hi @Dmytro Korolkov, have you tried using the Flow option to discover more new music and less favorites?

Simply tap the angry face while playing the Flow and then select "More Discoveries."