Repetitive "shuffle my music"

  • 17 January 2018
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Of course it's something to be fixed. Eight months of feedback in this one thread alone, and there are others with different titles that describe the same problem. It's not a random selection and that's what it's sold as. How can you complacent?

I appreciate your feedback and I can confirm we are passing on to our devs - I'm sure they are taking into consideration. As explained a few times, it's just how the feature works and there is nothing I can do from here right now, but keeping passing the feedback on the right team. I'm sorry if you feel that I'm compancent, but it is what it is and I prefer not to find an excuse, but to be honest about how things works. I understand it's not how you want to be, but this doesn't change the fact that it's how this feature works. We are definitely working on an improvement, but I have don't have an ETA yet. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we have any more news. Thanks
Hello Deezer.
Please can you explain:
1. How "shuffle my music" works
2. Why you refuse to acknowledge that shuffle music doesn't work as expected (randon)
3. Why you refuse to do anything about this fundamental flaw in the app that would be incredibly easy to fix.

I can write the query here for you:
SELECT song FROM user.favorite_tracks ORDER BY random();

Seriously. I have 1000+ favorite tracks. When i shuffle my music the same 50 or so tracks play EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Countless people clearly have the same problem. Yet you refuse to acknowledge it and offer pathetic platitudes and useless solutions instead.

Learn how to build a user friendly app and how to do customer service you idiots.
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Hello there!

It's me after 6 months.

It seems nothing has been fixed.

Dissapointed :(

Good luck guys.
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