Audio quality control? How badly sounding songs get in FLAC streaming services?

  • 28 January 2023
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First of all this is not an Deezer criticism, so please don’t be triggered without a reason.


I just wonder how is that possible when you expect to get quality music from music services like Deezer and other competitor services… Is there really no quality control for “high quality music”?


I’ve migrated from MP3 streaming service and just found out for myself that Deezer and 1 other FLAC music service use the same not quality content. These issues litteraly affect at least 3 services (1 MP3 and 2 FLAC (incl. Deezer)) Here’s few examples:


Artist: Metallica

Album: Beyond Magnetic

Song: Hate Train (track #1)


First 20 seconds of the song you can clearly hear compressed sound artifacts in the “background”. Meanwhile this is not present in the same song from official Metallica YouTube channel, for example.


Deezer link:


YouTube link:


Next example;


Artist: At Vance

Album: VII

Song: Victory (track #4)


Despite it sound low audio quality in FLAC (might be an artist source material) but it also have a clearly hearable sound cut in 1:05 which you can hear in any scenario. And this sound cut on this track is present in all 3 tested music services.

This sound cut issue is not present in artist's self-distribute music service.


Deezer link:



Artist: Cannibal Corpse

Album: The Bleeding

Song: Any


And this case it’s a good example when 2 albums sounds identical but the thing is:
1st album is original album (1994) and 2nd one is reissue album (2006).
In other words they use same audio files because... Who will bother?
Can you spot the difference? Exactly.

P.S. Personally I don’t have a claims to this album. This case is not about low quality but kinda cheating.


Deezer link “Original” (1994):


Deezer link “Reissue” (2006):


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