How to stop auto play on Deezer - when last track ends

  • 9 January 2021
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To stop autoplay on Deezer when the last track ends, you can disable the "Autoplay" feature. Here's how:

  1. Open Deezer and go to the "Now Playing" screen.
  2. Click on the "Queue" icon (usually at the bottom right).
  3. Find the "Autoplay" toggle and switch it off.

Note that the availability and location of this option may vary depending on the device and app version you are using, so it may be useful to consult Deezer's official help documentation for the most accurate instructions.

Still no fix, and I am not accepting a non answer. This is not a bug, this is a decision. This has been broken for at least 7 years now. Looking at Deezer still not fixing it, after almost a decade, this is a choice, they earn more money this way. Should I not get an answer within an appropriate time of two weeks I will forward this to the Bundesnetzagentur and the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg. They will look into whether Deezer is shuffling in randomly to optimize interaction royalties.


Stop lying. We are paying already. Curb this shady business decision. Greetings from a Network Engineer not oblivious to what is happening in the Business. Nobody has ever touched this issue from the dev team, since the finance team WANTS IT THIS WAY.

Two weeks till I switch to Tidal, unless this shit gets fixed. I'm fed up. I suggested everybody does the same. Same price, waaaaaaaaay better offer. And an option to upgrade quality as well.

Lie and die Deezer.

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Hi @beskar, sorry to hear that we didn't meet your expectations.

To disable autoplay on Deezer desktop app and browser after the last track, you can turn off the "Autoplay" feature.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Deezer and navigate to the "Now Playing" screen.
  2. Click on the "Queue" icon, typically found in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Locate the "Autoplay" toggle button and switch it off.

Unfortunately, on the mobile phone app this feature it not available as Deezer considers a perfect way to discover news song and artists.