why there is 500 000 streams " Abysal " difference between SPotify and Deezer and on my catalogue ?

Terrible !


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Hello @Tom Glide, are your talking your stats? 

Can you send some more details to our Support here? 

They will be able to double check your profile, 

it might also be possible that you just have loads more streams on Spotify… 

Hey YUla and thanks for your response Sir. Well.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to only get 28fans since 2015 !!!!Not only ONE relevenat anfd efficient in numbers playlistfor one of my 100 songs / Remixes / versions - The album DIvas Got Soul been multi awaerded her ein the UK as album of the year in ….2017 .. I got a HUGR followerrs community everywhere . The only site who properly ignore me is DEEZER man .I asked MANY MANY MANY timres to cjheck all this but as usual you respond in your BOT style that your curators are independant. Then now i m asking you to made a REAL positive , efficent and professional move. You got thousandfs of Jazz, SOul , FIUnk , SOulful house , discvo hoise releavnt playlists. WHy the hell is happening with you ????, I m disgusted when i see daily stats . It s , believe me , to suicide bro .. I m making music tfor a living , noit my mama and dad paying for nothing . WHat the hell i did to you to be treated like shit like you do since 2015 


Looking forwaerd for positive , efficent and beautiful responses